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The Warner Gear on Soundcloud and a Somewhat-Related Upcoming Show

About 4 years ago, the Warner Gear put out an album. Said album has now flown into the cloud, as it were, and you can have it. Check out All My Sins on Soundcloud, where it's all available for free download. Music for the people, as it were. We're also looking at some new material in the nowhere-near-soon extended future.

While there's no Warner Gear show on the horizon, either, I will be appearing onstage with former Gear-head Cara Jean Wahlers this Saturday at Sun King Brewery around 3pm for the NUVO Best Of Celebration. She's getting all kinds of recognition for being the fine folk artist she is, and I'm happy to be included on this show.


Through The Muck

Played one gig Friday night sick, and I've learned that DayQuil does not help your playing. I'd considered NyQuil as well, but between the psychedelic music and the psychedelic visuals on the wall next to me, I may well have entered another state of being. I also learned that, after being unplugged, my amp takes a long time to warm up again. Meaning that the volume rose steadily through the gig, and I ended up being far too loud for a song or two. Lame.

Going to sleep now to try and avoid another sick gig. Feh.


New Podcast Up . . .

Rob G. sits in once again, and it rocks.  Download it directly or listen at the site.

The Warner Gear does some more recording tonight - well, the other folks have been recording for a bit, but I'm just now getting back into the Coop now that I'm not playing three shows a week (for a few weeks) and trying to write two books at the same time.  Therefore, I have no idea where the project stands or what I have to do.  I'm planning on just playing bass wherever they tell me to, and I'm planning on using the P-Bass for the majority of it.


Warner Gear Update

We're starting to record some more songs for the Warner Gear, and we're going to look at some different ideas for recording the bass.  Last time, we ran it through a SansAmp Bass DI direct into the computer - we're going to stick with this setup, but we're going to toss in quite a bit more highs and crank up the "presence" knob a bit.  We're thinking about some advice "Duck" Dunn put forth in "Bass Player" magazine a few years ago (and there's really no better source) about tossing in every frequency and letting it get adjusted in the mix.  After all, it's easier to take frequencies out than to boost them when they're not there.  I don't normally cut them in my playing, but we're thinking it might make things easier down the line.  Last time, we also did some faux "tic-tac" bass sounds using an old Danelectro (it just sounded right on some of the songs).  I'm not sure the material is leaning that way this time, which is another reason to try increased high-end.  We should be doing bass and drums in the next few weeks, so I'll know soon.  Duck wouldn't lead me wrong, though.Is it wrong that I'm contemplating this issue while watching a bass lesson about slapped arpeggios? 


Weekend Music and Task Summary

After some great music on Friday and Saturday (including Punkin Holler Boys, David Moore, Cameron McGill and 19Clark25) , I had to spend a lot of the weekend around my laptop getting some writing done.  Current projects include the revisions for MySpace For Dummies, an eDiscovery book, and the upcoming Laptop: Just The Steps For Dummies project.  My master scheduling skills appear to have found windows for these projects, but it's going to be a little tight for the next few months.  Luckily, the Warner Gear schedule is malleable due to recording now, and the Playboy Psychonauts are preparing for a February March show.  My house of cards is stable for now.


Ever seen that before?

I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank the drunken gentleman who made his presence known quite forcefully at last night's Locals Only show. Never before have I seen a person so possessed by the music being played that he rubbed his butt on the monitors. That, sir, was a first. He later proclaimed that "Nobody's going to kick me out of this bar!" (a sure sign that he's getting ready to be kicked out) and left quietly.

Otherwise, the show went fine. The new bass (still in need of a name) sounded wonderful, although the rough neck threw me at times. Aside from this little ding that seems to happen on the exact some spot of the back of the neck on every bass I own (I don't cause in intentionally, but this going beyond random happenstance and it annoys me slightly), all of my instruments retain their original satin finish. This neck, appropriate for its existence, has lost some of that finish and gloss. I'm not holding it against it, though. I'm as old as it, and I most certainly have lost finish and gloss in my years on this earth. Maybe it was lack of sleep ('cause I'm dumb and don't sleep enough). I dunno. In any case, we made it through with aplomb. Thanks to those who came out.

I don't think I've played in Locals Only since the Bass Appreciation Day back in March for the release of my book, and I just realized that I have a spare recording of this little thing Rob G. and I put together. It's our attempt to pay tribute to some of the best bass lines and play at being the Breakestra at the same time. Feel free to download and enjoy.

I should also note that I did receive my Radiohead free download - I just had to search through my junk mail filter to get it. Infer from that what you will. I applaud them for both their ambitious undertaking and their sense of irony, unintentional or not.


Like a debutante ball . . .

The new bass makes its debut at Locals Only this very evening as the Harp Guitar by Tom Shinness Warner Gear takes the stage for the last time this year - we're headed towards the nice, warm studio and not coming outside if we can help it. We're playing with Tom Shinness, who's making his way up from Nashville with just under seven thousand bizarre stringed instruments with which to entertain you. Seriously, take a look at this thing. It puts the 12- and 18-string basses I've seen to shame. If only it wasn't so high-pitched.

Also, there's a new podcast up at I highly recommend it, as it comes with high Fuglees content.


The Bird Is In The Nest

I gave the new P-bass a run through its first rehearsal today, after having the nut replaced, getting a new knob and other hardware, and slapping on a fresh set of strings. It sounds great, and it's already broken in (after 30 years of fairly hard living, it should be past that new-bass awkwardness, ater all) and wowing the folks in the Warner Gear. I've decided the thumb rest is going back on, but I'm still on the fence regarding a new finish. There's some exposed wood, dings, and screw holes that I'd like to cover. Still, it just has that feel to it that I'm kind of loathe to change. I'll give it a whirl at next week's show and decide where I want to go from there.

On a totally unrelated sidenote, changing a car battery in a Wal-Mart parking lot just after rush hour sucks, and I wish it on nobody.

Finally, there's a new podcast up - enjoy.