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After the Book Came Out – ScoreCloud

Screenshot of my ScoreCloud dashboard

So this particular app requires some linkage with a computer to use, but the gist of ScoreCloud's functionality revolves around taking your playing (via MIDI or audio conversion) and creating sheet music from the results. The desktop/laptop can handle a little more full-featured editing capabilities (similar but not up to par with Sibelius or Finale). However, the iPhone/iPad app handle only recording and basic viewing and editing.

ScoreCloud presents an easy way into making sheet music - just sing or play into the mobile device, and the app takes what you do and tries to convert it into standard notation. This process includes interpreting a key signature, tones, and duration - everything you'd expect out of standard notation. The conversion process isn't too bad, but you should plan on making some edits post-recording. ScoreCloud won't get everything right the first time, although it will give you some helpful hints if it notices something is wrong (like my television in the background). And those edits will probably take place on the desktop/laptop component of ScoreCloud, where you can move notes around, put in chords, and changes voices for the instruments you're scoring out.

And, because everything requires cloud support these days, you can access your files either at home or while mobile using the app. ScoreCloud's cloud storage seems free for now, but that could obviously change. The access remains a handy feature, though, and all changes sync fairly quickly.

ScoreCloud won't replace full-featured notation editors right now, but you do get handy sync and note-taking options. And the singing function is a nice feature.

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