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Sam’s Saloon Closes For Now

My weekend update of Fountain Square musical happenings will look a little lighter in the weeks to come. Unfortunately, Sam's Saloon has been forced to close its doors due to the prevailing economic conditions. Both musicians and fans will be missing the opportunity to play the venue, and there's no time table for if/when they might return. It's rough times right now for everybody that plays music. Here's hoping that conditions improve soon - it's not easy, even in the good times, to do well playing or showcasing music when you're booking at a local level.

Not that it can't be done, but this is where people have to exercise some creative thinking. It's time to look for new venues and new instances to play music, and it's also time to make yourself as easy to book as possible. That doesn't mean giving up the money you should be earning, but it does mean having your arguments together for convincing potential venues and acting like a professional at all times. That last part applies to musicians and venues alike, by the way.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend and new IMN Podcast

It's First Friday this weekend, so there's plenty going on in Fountain Square. Couple that with the warmer temperatures, and you should have hordes of people making their way through the district. You should also find plenty of slush puddles and other unholy conglomerations of snow, ice and dirty water. Walk around it, and please accept my apologies.

Big Car Gallery has Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes, Ayawasca and Sam Eakin and the Awkwards tonight as part of their Two States, One Cup exhibit. I'm more than a little scared. Of the art, that is. The music sounds great.

Radio Radio opens tomorrow for the monthly appearance by Bigger Than Elvis.

Sam's Saloon brings in The Rockit King, Save The Radio and The Dead Records tonight. Steal This Release Promotions takes over Saturday night to feature IDK, The 12 O'Clock Flashers, and Vestiges of Ecstasy.

Deano's Vino has The Travelin' Hillbillies tonight, and Wilson and Company play tomorrow.

Also, there's a new IMN podcast up - download it here or listen at the site or WFYI HD2. Sorry this is late - I've been a bit busy.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I'm sure there will be music.  If we can dig it out from underneath the snow.  The main roads are clear in my fair district, but some of the side streets and alleys (where all the good stuff happens anyway) remain snowbound and only semi-passable.  At least in my chosen mode of transportation.  The bulldog only has to navigate around the backyard, though, and has managed to do so with several successful romps and eaten clumps of snow.

Anyway, here's the music:

Sam's Saloon has ATHENS!, The Humans and Pigtail Crooks this evening.  In a make-up date from the Frozen Pipes Incident, they bring back Nidus, Freddie T. and the People, The Coke Dares and A Caesar Holiday on Saturday.

Deano's Vino has the Shirtless Biddles tonight and Sour Mash tomorrow.

And there you go.  Back to the shovel.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Sam's Saloon presents metal in the form of Gash Hound, Pulse 8 and Cadavery Spasm tonight. Tomorrow night, the lineup includes The Founders, Punch To The Face and The Dead Pinups.

Big Car Gallery hosts Lovely Houses, Shelby Kelly, Chad Mills and Owen Nicolas tomorrow night.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater with the Blue Skies Swing Orchestra tonight, and there's lower-key jazz music at Maria's Pizza. Deano's Vino also features acoustic music this evening from New Augusta. Andrew Rosborough plays Saturday night.

Rehearsal starts this Sunday for the new gospel music production at the American Cabaret Theater. I'm looking forward to this one, both for some of the material and to try out the new amp on a gig.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts a farewell to George W. party this Saturday with Born Again Floozies, Jane Jensen with ESW, and political commentary provided by puppets. That's a party, y'all.

Sam's Saloon has the Woodbox Gang this very evening. Freddie T. and the People, Yuki, the Coke Dares and Nidus play tomorrow. I expect the Coke Dares to set a new land-speed record by playing 70 songs in 20 minutes.

Deano's Vino has re-opened and will undoubtedly feature some form of acoustic music tonight. And Maria's Pizza is still advertising live jazz on Friday nights.


Fountain Square Music For This Weekend

Radio Radio has Those Darlins, Kentucky Nightmare and Dorsey tonight.  Tomorrow brings Miles Nielsen, Healing Sixes and Dark Matter Halos.

Sam's Saloon features Lollipop Factory, Marionette Rebellion and Gay Black Republican tonight, and The Highway and Fairview play tomorrow.

I need to get more details, but Maria's Pizza (right on the Square) is hosting live jazz at some point.  The Fountain Square Theater has their swing night tonight as well.  Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

VH-1 Classic was just showing the abominable Patty Smyth version of "Downtown Train" and then went dark, as if to say "Screw this!"  The new year is already looking up.

Radio Radio has Bigger Than Elvis tomorrow night, and they bring in James Intveld on Monday.  Did you like the singing in "Cry-baby?"  This guy did it, and you should be there.

Sam's Saloon features Kory Quinn & The Comrades and Ten Foot Band tomorrow night. TBA is scheduled for tomorrow, but I bet they cancel.

It's First Friday this evening, so there's plenty of activity going 'round the square.  Shake off your hangovers and enjoy


Fountain Square Music This Elongated Weekend

Radio Radio brings in KRISTEENYOUNG and Yuki Saturday for shoegaze followed by a little vocal weirdness.  Wednesday, they close out the year with Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes with Bigger Than Elvis.  It's part of a much larger retro New Year's Eve celebration that ranges over the entire Fountain Square building, including dance parties in the Fountain Square Theater and the two duckpin bowling alleys.

Sam's Saloon is closed this weekend in preparation for the Pattern-Hungry Records New Year's Eve Bash taking place Wednesday.

Big Car Gallery is throwing a Bohemian New Year's Eve party Wednesday night - there's a lot going on at this particular event, but the music portion includes performances from Tonos Triad, Adam Kuhn, Beat Debris, The Tapedeck Few, Oakdale Drive and The Bone Fags.

Deano's Vino has New Augusta tonight and the Shirtless Biddles tomorrow.  Their New Year's Eve celebration is only described as "beer-influenced," so there you go.

So stay safe and enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations.  Please get taxis, hotel rooms and all the necessary accoutrements, and take care.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts the Born Again Floozies with opener Peter Kienle of Kwyjibo Saturday night.

Sam's Saloon has the Bone Fags and Pigtail Crooks tonight, with soul/funk masters Blackberry Jam, Freddie T, and JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound Saturday night.

The Fountain Square Theater's Swing Night takes place tonight beginning at 7:30.  Afterwards, head over to Deano's Vino for Wilson and Company.  Cliff Snyder and friends appear tomorrow night.

And, of course, this is the last week for the Country Christmas Cabaret at the American Cabaret Theater.  I have yet to decide what will become of the cowboy hat after I'm done with this show.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio presents Andrew Ripp, Brandon Whyde and the Tyler Bender Band tonight. Tomorrow, Red Light Driver celebrates the release of their new CD. Huzzah and kudos!

Sam's Saloon has Permacrush, Ready The Destroyer and Pistola tonight. Tomorrow brings Black Cat Rebellion and The Gravetones.

And I'm sure somebody is playing at Deano's Vino, but they haven't bothered to tell me about it. Go ahead and stop by for a glass of something anyway.

Finally, the Country Christmas Cabaret continues its run at the American Cabaret Theater this weekend and next.