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New Orleans, Third Night

Kurt Vonnegut’s Confetti #59The music had quite a bit to overcome this evening, as torrential rain poured over the city and the city's restaurants conspired to keep us from finishing dinner until about 11:15pm (I'm not going to name the restaurants, but I would ask those folks who work there not to accept reservations over the phone and then deny that they'd take reservations for a table of two when we actually arrive. I'd also ask the other place not to quote a 45-minute wait and then take 2 hours. Feh.).

Between the rain and the residual frustration with food service in general, we decided not to venture further and decided to take whatever Frenchman St. would offer on the way back to the hotel. It managed to salvage the evening with Bob French's birthday party at Ray's Boom Boom Room. It was a soulful and jazzy take on just about every song in the New Orleans songbook, performers rotated on- and off-stage to offer their harmonies or song choices, and I was just happy to be able to get in for the party. Thanks to all who put that event together - you managed to salvage the night.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention the tenacious performance of the brass band in last night's downpour. That's dedication.

DOUBLE EDIT: I also forgot to mention that Frenchman St. offered some death metal, which we politely declined. It did sound intriguing, though.