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Thoughts on Apple’s Podcast App

Sure, other apps like Stitcher Radio provide the functionality that Apple's Podcast app does (pulling together different progranms into a single feed), but I bit on the Podcast app because I already had my podcast subscriptions set up inside iTunes. The subscriptions themselves synced fine, but I decided to unsubscribe in iTunes and just stream the episodes. Two drawbacks:

  • Had to resubscribe to all podcasts inside the app - it didn't carry over
  • Got a nice warning that I was going over 3GB on streaming - time to turn on the WiFi

I also had a full crash where I had to delete, reinstall, and resubscribe all podcasts. Feh.

That said, I'm saving a ton of space by not actually downloading the episodes anymore (LOT of music on my iPhone), and the unplayed podcast list works dandy. Needs some improvement, but overall a keeper.

And yes, I still listen to podcasts like it's 2009 and stuff.

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Digging Out

I'm buried in back episodes of podcasts - my listening at work habits changed, leaving file upon file languishing on my iPod. That left said device filled up, so I'm having to tweak the settings to make room or move them on to another device for listening later.

The problem with all of the great podcast content available is that there is an avalanche of it (and that's not considering all of the not-so-great content available as well), and I'm feeling . . . not guilty, but just out of the loop. It's not as embarrassing as having the paper stack up on the porch or anything, but I'm still trying to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Next week's trip to New Orleans should create some transit time that I can use to catch up, but I'm also afraid I'm just going to have to skip a few and re-prioritize the rest. The indie-pop so often recommended by the NPR shows can take a back seat easily - I'm starting to wonder if they get any other recordings in.

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The National Bass Lesson

Subscribing to some NPR podcasts helps me in a few ways:

  • Time-shifting "This American Life" to a more reasonable hour, i.e. any time but that weird Saturday night time slot it currently occupies on my local station
  • Getting some programs said local station doesn't carry
  • Acting as a safety net for things I miss during my drive time (short as it is, this can add up)

Which is why I was delighted that the podcasts caught Victor Wooten on NPR giving an impromptu bass lesson to the nation on the subject of double-thumbing and the open-hammer pluck. It was cool not only because of the subject matter, but hearing the announcer speak these terms almost gave them an air of the martial arts movie - like they were moves Shaolin monks sought to master before defeating the usurpers of their style. He also talked a bit about the book he recently published, which I have on order but have not yet read.

Which somewhat countered the slam on bassists from last Sunday's "Metalocalypse." Following a grim attempt to pick up two women, Murderface ran into a torrent of insults such as "Shouldn't you be loading the band's gear?" and "Why don't you act like a bass player and stand over there and be inaudible?" My wife gave me such a look of pity after that last one.


New Podcast Up

There's a new podcast up at IMN. You can download directly from the link or get an RSS feed from the site.

This podcast was quite a bit longer than previous efforts, for a few reasons - more tracks on this one, we just gabbed a bit longer, and we tacked on a New Year's Eve list 'cause we won't be podcasting in the next week due to the holidays. I should also point out that Fountain Square has a few good NYE shows within walking distance of each other, with Radio Radio taking the least expensive show on the list (only $5?!) and Big Car Gallery sponsoring the only all-ages show on the list. Excellent job, folks.