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Finally, a new BassCast!

Expecting any sort of regular publishing schedule in the podcast world is probably expecting far too much.  As much as we preach it, distributing regular episodes is a tough proposition - the IMN podcast is only able to do it because it's tied to a regular web and print publishing feature, so we get new content each and every week that's tied to a specific deadline.  Without that impetus, I doubt we'd be as consistent as we have been.

That said, it's still frustrating to get four new episodes over the course of a year.  BassCast is a well-done podcast about my favorite obsession, and I'm thrilled to be listening to the latest episode about Arthur Barrow - I loved his work on Zappa's "Joe's Garage" (that album is all over the place, and it takes a special musician to hang with that), and it's interesting to hear that he did film work for "Top Gun" and more, too.

And that's why I'd like it more than four times a year, I suppose.  Getting together all of these interviews and cutting the episodes together can't be easy, but I'm pleading.  This is stuff I can't get anywhere else.


Too Much Iron City For Steely?

I'm sure quite a few Steelers fans have wanted to reach for a drink while contemplating the team's new mascot. Evidently, it's a sentiment shared by said mascot, who was arrested for DUI and stripped of his ceremonial duties.

Never fear, though. It evidently takes two people to shoulder the weight of this incredibly lame icon, so there's a spare. Maybe he'll see the error of Steely's ways and we can put all of this behind us. I can see a "Steely Curse" coming a mile away, and it needs to be avoided right now.

New podcast is up - download it here or listen on the site.


New Podcast Is Up and some K-Tel Hits!

Please feel free to download it or listen at the website.

In the podcast, one of the songs we played (taken from the artist's MySpace site) actually went into a commercial about his other releases about halfway through the track.  It was just like the old K-Tel days where the audience would just happen to catch the artist mid-song, and the singer would launch into his or her "Hi, I'm *INSERT NAME HERE*, and I'm so proud to bring you my newest collection of songs, including such hits like . . ."

. . . and then there'd be a montage in soft lighting from different angles.  Real classy stuff.  It's nice to know some old tricks never die.


New Podcast Up

The new IMN podcast is up - listen here or download it directly, should you desire.

I already geeked out a bit on the show, but I'm really looking forward to the Mike Doughty show next Wednesday. Soul Coughing hooked me, and I guess I've been along for the ride since then. I'm guessing this show won't be as loud as the SC days (where a Vogue visit required a prayer to the feedback gods after experiencing possibly the loudest blast of unintentional noise I've ever heard - full PA squeal at concert volume) but engaging nonetheless.


There’s a New Podcast . . .

You should go get it at this link.  Or listen to it on the Flash player.

Also, the super deluxe version of the Trent Reznor "Clouds" collection has sold out.  Not bad, although I suspect we'll see some copies on eBay in the near future.

I'm going to go take care of my dog now. 


New Podcast Up and the new Erykah Badu

The new IMN podcast is up. Download it or listen on the Flash player.

I'm also getting into the new Erykah Badu album released on Tuesday. It's not just the music that's impressing me here, but the impressive release plan. The CD and digital download of "New Amerykah" is the first stage, with a USB drive release following later that includes video extras and such. It also lets the buyer access the next reound of tracks, due in July. That release also coincides with the second disc and a magazine called "Freq."

The USB drive strikes me as kind of a novelty idea - it seems to occupy the same space as Blu-ray does right now as a different but ultimately obsolete step towards direct digital distribution by network. The magazine will have to stand on its own, although pairing it with a release from a multi-platinum artist isn't a bad way to start a publication run. The physical issue of the magazine, again, may soon be an unnecessary step between the creator and the reader (judging by the amount of digital subscription requests I'm receiving from the folks I already send my magazine dollars to), but that has to play itself out, too. Is it bad form to read your laptop in the dental office?

Finally, it just surprises me that somebody convinced a major label (Universal/Motown, in this case) to release two full LPs so close together, especially considering the artist hasn't released a full album in around 5 years or so. Is it a consideration to the whims of the artist or a desperate move to get anything out there and see if it sells?


New Podcast Up

The new IMN podcast is up and ready for download.  You can also listen to it on the Flash player at the main site.

I also stumbled across this quick interview with George Porter from a Denver publication.  The interesting parts of this article include the fact that he's still owed quite a bit of royalty money (please pay up - he made a lot of musical careers possible) and that the jam band folks have adopted the Meters and associated music as their own.  On one hand, it's nice to see these acts with large crowds that give them a decent living.  On the other hand, please take a shower before you go to the shows, and stop twirling into me.


New Podcast Up For Grabs

There's a new episode of the podcast available for download.  Get it from this link or listen to the site's Flash player.I ranted a little bit on this podcast - it was taped on Monday, same day as the Fox blog.  I'd forgotten that they'd put forth a little bit of fear-mongering about Google Street on the air over the weekend.  The angle was that because people were occasionally photographed in these views, their privacy had been violated by posted their image on the Internet.  More than a little bit of overreaction to me, given that there's much more potentially damaging information on the 'net than somebody pushing their baby carriage.  I do wish Google had managed to catch the house down the street in a more complete state of renovation, but again, that's just me.


Podcast-y Goodness

The new IMN podcast is up and running - download it here or make the trek over to IMN and listen in the Flash player on the site.

I'm noticing that I'm forcing myself to listen to all the podcasts on my iPod at work before going on to any of the new music I've loaded on there. I'd like to think it's because I'm recognizing the temporal nature of the podcasts and acting before they expire, but it's taking on a disturbing "eat your veggies before dessert" mindset at times. And although it's on my subscribed list, I still can't bring myself to listen back to Adam Curry's podcast. I've tried several times - it's just not working.


New Podcast Is Up and SNOWPACALYPSE!!!

Feel free to download the new IMN podcast or listen to it at the site's Flash player.

There's an excellent First Friday coming up in Fountain Square this month, including the re-opening of Gnosis right there in the Murphy Building. The fact that this puts issues of "Wax Poetics" within walking distance of my home fills me with no end of joy.

Therefore, it is with great trepidation that I see we have SNOWPACALYPSE '08* scheduled for that very day. I'm hoping this is an inflated weather event used to justify the approximately 13,000 Doppler radars blanketing our fair city with UP-TO-THE-NANOSECOND!!!! weather coverage and potential safety. Make every effort to come out and enjoy, please.

*I don't think it's a registered trademark or anything, but thanks to Kristin and Rob G. for bringing the term to my attention.