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New IMN Podcast and Steelers Bass!

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm (DOUBLE SHOT!).

Also, there's only one thing I really find appealing about the picture to the left, and it fits in with the occurrences taking place over the next few weeks. Yes, the NFL preseason continues, and I choose to focus on the initial winning ways of the Steelers than the ongoing drama horror that is the career of Brett Favre. And by career, I mean season-ending interceptions.

So take a look at this bass, if you will. Black, black, black, black and gold, with the tastefully placed Steelers logo and the not-so-tastefully placed nickname. But it's his bass, so I suppose the nickname belongs. Other than that, it looks ready to go. So, indeed, here we go, Steelers, here we go!


New IMN Podcast Is Up, and the Playboy Psychonauts are Live Tonight!

The new IMN podcast is up - download it, or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm.

The Playboy Psychonauts return to the Upper Room in Broad Ripple this evening, too. Two sets, kicking off around 10pm. The late start agrees with me this particular evening, as the Steelers kick off the NFL season earlier and I want to catch as much of the game as possible before the set begins. This means:

  • Earlier than normal arrival
  • Quick setup
  • Perch by flatscreen immediately afterwards
  • Try to stifle (non-music-related) ecstatic screams or anguished cries during playing

Should be an interesting exercise all around. Hope to see you there!


Pass the oxygen mask, James.

I've seen the Steelers win Super Bowls.  I've seen them lose one.  I much prefer the former.  And that's why last night went pretty well, barring the heart-stopping, last-minute heroics.  Perhaps it was the anticipation, perhaps it was the extraordinarily spicy chili.  There really isn't any way to be sure.  Nevertheless, this makes the long, boring off-season that much easier to tolerate.

Also, a quick tip: replacing the slow-blow fuse in a combo amp can make a huge difference in an amp's function.  The challenge is trying to match the fuse without documentation or manuals.  My particular Trace Elliot combo is no longer in production, and the company isn't even the same company.  Fun stuff.  I finally found one that worked, and my amp was back up to the normal "Don't-turn-it-beyond-2-if-you-want-your-house-to-live" volume.

Finally, I started a full-time writing job today, so I'm looking forward to spending that much more time in front of the keyboard.


New IMN Podcast of the Snowbound Variety

The new IMN podcast is up - download it here or listen at the site or on WFYI.

Otherwise, I've been buried by snow and some extraordinary flu-like symptoms.  I'd been hoping to record some tracks for a project this week, but I spent the snow day incapacitated and unable to do so.  It's also definitely not the way to make the run up to the Steelers' 7th appearance in the Super Bowl.  I can only hope to be in form for the game and associated chili-based activities.


More Free Time!

And I suppose that's both good and bad. I managed to finish my share of the new Google Small Business All-In-One For Dummies book today (on deadline!), so I'm moving from the writing phase to the review phase. It's not as easy to schedule, but I can usually make it through revisions without too much problem or frustration. I hope I can say the same for the editors.

I'm also finding a lot of free time in my schedule due to the reorganization at the American Cabaret Theater. These cuts not only mean that some talented people are out of work, but also that the production we were supposed to start rehearsing Sunday won't be getting off the ground. It's too bad, 'cause the song list looked great and there were some extremely good singers on board. I'm definitely going to miss playing at the theater, even if I did manage to break a piece of gear every time I played there. It was a great place, and I always worked with wonderful performers.

The only bright light to come out of this is that I don't have to worry about getting done in time to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I think I'd like the chance to make the mad dash, though. Go Steelers!


Well, it did say weird bass guitars . . .

strange_guitar_10I'm just not sure why this particular model of bass guitar pops up while I'm searching once again for bass guitars with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo on them. Instead, I get this 5-string piranha-shaped lucite model. It's a striking bass visually, to be sure, and I'm sure I could draw a metaphor between the referenced animal and the swarming doom represented by the Steelers defense, but somehow it's just not the same.

By the way, the new dog slept through the entire game, even the exciting interception return for a TD and all of the jarring tackles and blocks. On one hand, I think he should have been awake for it. On the other hand, he didn't want to be walked or let out the entire time the game was on, either. So I'll call it a small victory, and we'll move on to the Super Bowl from there. Nice work, Marty.


Sunday is going to be a big day

We found out last week that we're going to be taking in a rescue bulldog named Marty this Sunday. He's a four-year-old healthy male, and he was quite exuberant when we first met him. I'm going to have to keep him calm while we watch Sunday evening's Steelers/Ravens matchup. He has to learn early, after all.

It was also supposed to be the first rehearsal for the upcoming ACT gospel show, but we've been pushed back a week. It's good in a way, 'cause I'll have a little more time at home to get Marty acclimated. And to see how he reacts to loud, bass-oriented noises. We never had to worry about it with Sadie - a deaf dog is sometimes a musician's best friend.

Finally, the new IMN podcast is up. Download it here or listen at the site or WFYI.



27+ hours writing this weekend.  I think.  There were breaks for dinner, and I think I left the house once for some Taco Bell.  Other than that, it was all Google Small Business Solutions All-In-One For Dummies.  All the time.  Even during the stupid, stupid Steelers loss.

Why is it better to write just a few pages a day?  This weekend is ample proof.

The majority of the work gets done before ACT starts rehearsals for the Christmas show this weekend, though, so I'm spared that.  This is going to be a revue-type show, so we're looking at getting approximately 60 songs together for this show.

Starting the day after Thanksgiving.

And the entire time, I can feel the XBox calling me.  Forever calling . . .


Random Weekend Summary Notes

  • The Genius function on my iPhone failed to create any playlists off of any songs currently loaded.  I'm chalking it up to the fact that my entire library isn't on the phone (far too much memory), so I only sync unhead podcasts and songs to it.
  • Apple's refusal to stock the Podcaster app in the Apps store is a bit disconcerting, to say the least.  Getting podcast subscriptions on the go would be a helpful tool, and the answer as to why they refused it doesn't seem quite logical.  Given the amount of blogosphere outcry on the situation, I'm not sure how long this app stays off the market.
  • Best Buy purchasing the now-DRM-free Napster and MySpace readying an ad-driven portion of their music service hopefully signals a quicker end to DRM in all services.
  • Steelers start 2-0.  This makes me happy.
  • So does "Evil Dead: The Musical."

A Wellspring of Black and Gold Hope

Training camp is a magical time for the hardcore football fan, as the first inklings of the season waft through media sources and alight on the seekers wanting to know how the team will fare this year.  No matter what team is being considered, the air is heavy with potential and speculation, hints and promises, expectations and dreams.

And we're only two days in - there hasn't even been a real scrimmage yet.

Nevertheless, the universe is once again coming back to that blessed time, and I'm taking the carefully folded Terrible Towels out of storage and readying them for this year's campaign.  With no games played yet, it remains a perfect enigma, waiting to be played out.