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iOS Gets Better Audio Support Behind The Scenes

This announcement wasn't a big deal at yesterday's Apple event, but the support for registered audio streams shared amongst apps in iOS 7 is a huge deal. While it doesn't look like Audiobus or Jack needs to abandon ship any time soon, the possibilities for multitasking and sharing audio between apps seem promising. More plug-ins, more possibilities . . . and probably the need to buy newer  hardware (the new iOS doesn't support all features for anything but the latest Apple hardware). And, of course, my Alesis IODock doesn't support the newest connectors. Feh.

Nevertheless, I think this is the point where the hardware is fast enough and the multitasking availability means that tablets and phones start replacing laptops onstage at a faster pace. Less boot time, cheaper, and the touch interface beats out the need for hauling the laptop around. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Best Vending Machine Ever

What shall you do if you somehow run out of strings, picks or other necessary items while playing in Memphis and it's past normal business hours?  Consignment Music Store in Memphis has a vending machine just outside their doors for such occasions.  Brilliant, although I'd hate to pump in $20 worth of quarters and get stiffed like a soda machine.  That's gotta sting.

While we're down in Memphis, we took the Gibson factory tour (plenty of pictures at my wife's Twitter feed) - there were only two basses in the gift shop, and they only made electric hollow-bodies at this location.  So there was some geeking out, but it was only minor.

In any case, enjoy the transition to the new year, and stay safe.


MySpace Music Site Already Better Than Qtrax!

You know, in that it actually has deals and stuff in place.

The new MySpace Music Site is going to add music distribution from three of the majors (and one would imagine the indies as well) along with all the usual social network features in an allegedly DRM-free environment. Since the website mentioned in the press release (provided here by Indy Star music writer and local hero Dave Lindquist) doesn't actually work yet, I'm assuming the details are being closely guarded, as techies of this sort are wont to do.

At this early stage, it's another encouraging move towards a level playing field of equal distribution. The name "Madonna" will still command more attention than your average bar band, of course, but there's something to be said for MySpace offering all of those tracks at the same place DRM-free. I'd like to see the site, though. In some form. It took them long enough with the developers' sandbox, and it's just now in beta.


For Next Halloween

Bootsy!It's not that I want to give a lot of candy away. I'm just serious about the Bootsy Collins costume idea. Here's your starter kit - this hat and the glasses.Bootsy, again! You might need the rest of the year for the custom suit, the boots, and the Space Bass. This is just enough to get you on your way. Also, I just downloaded the new Saul Williams album, so give me a little bit of time for a listen and I'll let you know how it turns out. The mechanics of the download worked just fine, though. Got the e-mail link and downloaded a .zip file with 320 kbps mp3 files, a PDF of liner notes with great artwork, and an image of the album cover. It's not quite the same as getting the album from a store, but I suppose I could get used to this, especially when mobile audio devices start showing PDFs or files of that ilk.