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The Cassingle Makes a Triumphant Return (to Carnival)

Yep, I helped produce a small-batch, artisanal cassingle for the Krewe of Spank (as part of the 2015 Krewe Du Vieux parade that took place 1/31/2015).

The Cassingle!

The Cassingle!

The krewe captured the entire theme at the 504 Not Found app site (probably NSFW, just a heads-up), and you can see reviews of the parade itself (including pictures of the spectacular float) in a few different locations:

For this throw, I took the stellar graphics and script from some of the other krewe members and a preferred-to-stay-unnamed vocal talent and put it to music. Since we had to face the fact that most folks don't own cassette players anymore (although the good folks at National Audio Company and Cassetro came through like champs to produce the cassettes for said players), the krewe also made the audio part of the app, and I've posted it on my SoundCloud. Enjoy.