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My Apps Are Gone?!

Lots of great music apps (I'm looking at you, FLUX:FX) took a hit with the new iOS 11 update. Simply put, these apps don't handle the new 64-bit-only architecture, so your assorted iDevices won't load or run them. If you're anything like me, you have a few useless icons littering your screens, waiting for deletion. And, until the developers update the apps, they'll stay that way. Between the iOS 11 update and the iTunes update to remove apps from the desktop program, these apps will remain consigned to limbo forever, barring said update.

So what can you do?

If the apps are mission-critical, just don't update to iOS 11. Look at the developer's site and social media to see if a change is expected.

If you don't care, you might still wait to upgrade your older devices. Upgrades can sometimes play havoc with older hardware. Wait for others to either give the all-clear or serve as a cautionary example.

The future plods on inexorably, but you can at least be ready for the consequences. Good luck!

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