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New Earplugs

So basically, I'm an idiot.

I've used earplugs from EarEverything for a long time, and they've always served me well. Unless, of course, you lose them 'cause you take them everywhere you go and they fall out of your pocket and you don't realize it. And you've moved out of state and no longer reside near L. Dawn Flinn and her wonderful services. Luckily, a business trip brought me back to Indy and Dawn was able to arrange a sitting for new molds (in a convention center food court of all places). The process was simple, and the new plugs were in my mailbox a few short weeks later.

And with some better feature than the last model:

  • New fiber cord and clip to keep the plugs on your shirt
  • Better cord mounting to keep the plugs attached
  • Better mounting for the dB filters

The 15 dB filters work great for rehearsal and shows, and the fit is perfect. And I'm carrying it around in a bigger, more noticeable pouch so I can remember it better.

'Cause, again, I'm an idiot.


Open Your Ears!

First, a great deal of thanks to Dawn at earEverything for her quick and professional turnaround on my new earplugs. These things are lifesavers, and I missed having them at some of the louder shows I've been to inbetween the time I lost them and the time I got the new ones (foam plugs just don't cut it anymore). These custom-molded plugs cut down volume without chopping out any frequencies, so it's just like turning down the volume knob on the world for a bit. She was able to use the old molds of my ears and send me a new set pronto. Musicians, you need these in your life - contact Dawn to make it happen.

I was going to start picking some stuff from my bass book to blog about, but I've been unable to find a copy in any of the bookstores. Since I've seen copies there before (and I've given out the copies I had), I suppose that's good news. I would like to encourage Border's and Barnes and Noble to restock, though. Guess I'll be making a stop at Amazon soon.

It's not like I'll be driving anywhere anytime soon, anyway - my car was hit Sunday, so I'm trying to sort out the insurance stuff right now while my Corolla (with new crumpled front passenger side!) waits in the garage for the claim to be processed. I'm hoping for word today, but nothing so far. I did have a nice conversation with one of the guys in the SUV that hit me about music, though.