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Where Did My Guitar Stand Go?

I usually leave a guitar stand in the car because I always forget one if I leave it at home. Plenty of stands at home, leave one in the car, and I'm good. So I should have taken the missing stand as a sign when I first noticed it. But no, I just counted it as a lost item at a bar gig (who hasn't done that) and kept going. So it's a good thing I left early for that gig in Baton Rouge - ostensibly, it was to visit a pretty good music store there. But the 4-hour lead time let me:

  • Visit said store
  • Get to the gig early and realize parking was awful due to the fun run/festival downtown
  • Discover my nearly flat tire
  • Look for the jack (also taken out of the car with the guitar stand during a car detailing - at least it wasn't my fault)
  • Get everything aired up enough to get to a tire store
  • Wait for the tire replacement
  • Get back downtown
  • Walk too far due to the aforementioned festival parking situation
  • Play a decent gig
  • Drive back to New Orleans
  • Figure out how to reset the low tire pressure indicator so that it didn't keep coming on and freaking me out at 3am on the drive through rural Louisiana

I write now because enough distance and time exists between said occurrence and now. And that's why I always leave early - for crappy stuff like this. From now on, guitar stands are my canary in a coalmine.