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“Band” on iPhone

The idea of a phone-based sequencer is nothing new - an old Sony Ericsson phone of mine had a simple program that allowed you to move "blocks" of music around to make your own MIDI songs or ringtones.  Pair it with the touch-screen on the iPhone, though (and put it front and center at an Apple product debut), and suddenly the whole things takes life.  There's video of Band already posted at their homepage, and the controls look simple enough.  I doubt it'll be much help to high-power sequencers, but I also thought the same thing about Garageband when it first came out (and it evolved into a nicely usable program).

The thing that disturbs me is the Blues screen.  You can automatically generate your own 12-bar blues song, picking just the right key and structure for your blooze tune.

On one hand, does an iPhone have any business playing the blues?  On the other hand, is it any less deserving than "The Blues King," subject of a story from a sax-playing friend of mine?  Said "Blues King" (identified as such by the embroidery on his leather guitar strap ) showed up at an open-jam night, resplendent in his SRV-inspired finery.  Cowboy hat with feather?  Check.  Fringe-laden leather jacket?  Of course.  Turquoise belt buckle and fine cowboy boots?  Indeed.  And, of course, he wanted to play some SRV tune or another.  Once called to the stage for his scintillating performance, he promptly pulled out a music stand.  And some guitar tab.  And butchered whatever song he intended like it was the finest veal ever.

This isn't Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, here.  I'm just wondering which one hurts just a little bit more.

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