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Full recording studio on the iPad? Slow Down . . .

It's NAMM time, so a ton of press releases are going around regarding new products and software, including this rather surprising announcement about a 48-track recording program that could host VST plug-ins and recording 24 simultaneous tracks of audio. As noted here, these claims are a little misleading and the software hasn't really arrived yet. It's easy to get caught up in gear announcements and the remaining fall-out, but a little calm would be nice here. The iPad is running hardware roughly comparable to the machines that were running Pro Tools many years ago, so it's not impossible to make these kinds of things happen. It's also true that this app will require the traditional studio equipment around it (an audio interface, good monitors, a good-sounding room, etc.) to make it work. And then there's the question of where all these audio recordings will live. Local copies synced with a cloud storage location?

The main appeal of this app to me is being able to record in a studio and then just grab the iPad and do edits and modifications elsewhere. But it's not a one-stop solution in a box, and the ad materials need to be a little more clear. And, of course, we have to actually get our hands on the app and test it. 🙂