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After the Book Came Out: Audiobus Remote

Audiobus Remote on my iPhone

This app caused a little commotion before it even came out because devs working to make their apps compatible worked under some non-disclosure secrecy. So what was all the commotion about? Audiobus took their groundbreaking audio routing app and paired it with a remote app that lets you control Audiobus (and any loaded apps) via a second iDevice.

So that said, if you don't have multiple iOS device running iOS 8, don't bother. But if you're running with said devices, this app gives you a handy extension to your screen. As shown in the screenshot, the app shows an abbreviated control screen that lets you control aspects of the apps running within Audiobus on the other device. The types of controls vary from app to app - in the screenshot, you can switch patches in FLUX:FX, and you get pretty comprehensive control over looping and transport controls over Loopy HD. All of these controls depend on the developers of the apps themselves. As shown by Launchpad, not everybody is on board yet. But give it time, and this app could render some great possibilities.

The devices link via Bluetooth, which is way more secure than WiFi for live applications. But you also have a little more limited range, and I ran into a couple drop-outs here and there. I also had to deal with some restarts due to app errors. But it overall, response was snappy and useful.

Overall, the app isn't a game changer for musicians, but it does provide a handy extension when necessary.