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Playing and Gear Update

Part of trying to use too many toys is finding out how they work together. And part of moving into a new place is discovering all kinds of fun buzzing and grounding issues. So I've spent the past few months trying to locate the best places to place gear and try out configurations of pedals. My usually reliable Q-tron had to make a trip back to the EHX factory for reconditioning (the good folks at Webb's Bywater Music suspect a short somewhere after a switch fell out of the housing), and working with the virtual modeling effects on the iPad and Alesis IO dock have been less than satisfactory. Right now, the Loopy software is the only thing I'm happy with, and I've been loving playing at home with that. Not sure how many folks outside my place want to hear it, but it's still fun. But I think I have the placement figured out know so that I can test configurations at home without crappy buzz and hum.

I REALLY want the modeling stuff to work - it would be great to carry the iPad along instead of a huge pedalboard, but especially the response on the envelope filters just isn't the same. The fuzz and chorus seem to work well enough, but it's not fully functional enough. Guess I need to do more tweaking.

The new-to-me Markbass amp has been a wonderful acquisition, though - going up and down steep stairs is much better at one-third the weight and half the size. And it's still way loud enough for the gig. Can't recommend them enough.