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Two Questions re: “Chinese Democracy”

Best Buy is taking pre-orders for the new Guns & Roses album "Chinese Democracy."  Like AC/DC, The Eagles, and Garth Brooks before it, it will only be sold in a large consumer store (although GnR is going through Best Buy, while the rest watch the prices fall at Wal-Mart).  So that's the EXCLUSIVE location.

EXCEPT that I saw an ad at iTunes offering a pre-sale for the tracks in the iTunes store.  So, now for my questions:

  1. If it's an exclusive, why is the album available at more than one location (yes, I know they're technically two different formats, but the "exclusive" was never qualified)?
  2. Why would you pre-order downloaded files?  I can personally guarantee that the lines will not be too long.

Also, a quick aside - if the AC/DC album is Wal-Mart only, why did a see a new, sealed copy available at a local record store last week?

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