It’s Finally Here. Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.

The space between Fountain Square and work, otherwise known as downtown Indianapolis, is pretty much closed for business today. Later this afternoon, fans will brave rain, packed crowd, and the sounds of Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill and Hinder to celebrate the official opening of football season. The preseason is over, the cuts have been made, and all is ready to… Read more →

Bass Porn For Today

The 12-string bass: No, not that one. That’s just silly. You’d probably find yourself playing a Malmsteen solo at some point, and that’s not right. I’ll bet that guy’s thinking “SHRED!” right now. Maybe “Now I’ll finally be able to finish my 13-part song cycle on the Dragonriders of Pern!”? Man, I bet that would be a cool 13-part song… Read more →

How many iPods can there be?

Just because the iPod started with the Model T version doesn’t preclude the evolution of the species, I suppose. There are a hell of a lot of options now, though. We now have the Shuffle, the Nano (with video), the iPod Classic (with massive hard drive), the iPod Touch (with spiffy interface), and the iPhone (we’ve heard about the last… Read more →

See A Little Light

I’m not entirely sure why hanging an old chandelier appeals to me more than a simple trimming of the lawn. It’s probably because the project stays done once it’s completed and doesn’t creep back maliciously, spoiling for a rematch. It might also be that I’ve never been shocked or zapped or otherwise injured by electrical wiring, while errant poison ivy… Read more →

Downloading Music (and other things) From Just About Everywhere

I’m starting to think that the fate of the CD and the controversy over HD-DVD and Blu-ray just don’t matter anymore. The fate of shiny plastic discs pales in comparison to what’s available via a network, but it goes further than that. When you take the discs out of the equation, that changes the hardware needs as well. Does it… Read more →

Bass Porn For Today

In between lust for The Stick, I was thinking about a six-string fretless. My current fretless is servicable, and I don’t play it that much anyway, but I just got this “mwah” sound in my head I can’t shake right now.

Friday Night in Fountain Square

Tonight we tried salsa dancing at Radio Radio with Orqestra Bravo. The music was stellar – my dancing less so. There were two decidedly different groups: the amatuers who needed the free lesson provided before the band started, and the experts who were just waiting for us to clear and and leave the dance floor to them. Jennifer and I… Read more →

Online Magazines

Within the past day or so, two of my favorite magazines (Bass Player and Electronic Musician) have hit my inbox with previews of upcoming issues (and the offer to subscribe to online versions), and a third resource made itself available to me (Bass Musician Magazine) via a free e-mail edition. I have to admit, I’m a little psyched about the… Read more →

More Fountain Square Art

It’s not just in the alleyway. There are new murals up on the Murphy Art building, the National City Bank drive-in, and evidently behind some other buildings (although I haven’t seen them in person yet). Things seem to be going smoothly, although one muralist shared with me that if she ever paints another mural, she’ll start from the top down…. Read more →

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