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Audiobus Coming Next Week

iOS devices can be great music-making tools, but the inability to chain the audio signal path through multiple devices hampers usage a bit, especially live. Which is why this app thrills me. It also extends the viability of my 1st-gen iPad a bit, thanks to iOS 5 compatibility.

So basically, this app runs audio through other apps already on the iOS device in specified input, effect, or output slots. I'm seeing possibilities here as an effects processor for audio signal, more tonal options for soft synths, and just the ability to mess things up sound-wise.

It'll be a long week until I can get my hands on this.


Our Old Neighborhood

Contractors recently turned on the new fountain in the new plaza at the corners of Shelby, Prospect, and Virginia in Fountain Square. This new plaza represents yet another part of the Cultural Trail project that began just after we moved into the neighborhood a little over 6 years ago. When we moved in, it was an old parking lot next to the now-defunct Deano's Vino restaurant, and it occasionally held small performances and festivals (like the Masterpiece in a Day competition). It's just one of the changes we've seen in our short time here, but it's been wonderful to see all of these changes happen - my wife and I will definitely miss seeing what continues to happen.

I never really liked leaving Fountain Square to go to a restaurant - the best of the city was already here, so why waste gas going somewhere else? And the people behind these enterprises were so wonderful and involved in making the neighborhood, so they deserved any support we could give them. Especially when businesses like Santorini Greek Kitchen and Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company (and so many others) made direct contributions to causes so important to us, like the Fountain Square Arts Council or Girls Rock Indy.

Fountain Square was also the first time my wife and I lived in a neighborhood. Before, we'd been in buildings or planned communities, but they were always some place we left to go somewhere else. Morris St. was our first house, and it held a diverse population of neighbors that we probably would have never met had we not moved in. We already knew some of the musicians living on our block, but we came to know so many other people. People that came together to build the neighborhood through community organizing, clean-ups, art events, co-ops, and more. There's no other place that could have convinced me to carry a globe made of neon innertubes through a parade while wearing a luchadore mask. It just seemed right.

This was the only neighborhood in the city for us - it was the only neighborhood where we wanted to live. Because of the people. Because of what they put together and what they continue to do.

Fountain Square has so much more to offer, and I'm so happy that it's no longer a neighborhood "on the way." It's already here and doing wonderful and attractive and diverse things. We were only here for six years and saw so much change and development in the neighborhoods and the businesses and the culture. It was wonderful to be part of that slice of time.


Searching for a Home

Hey, this blog missed a post last week - never put anything out regarding the music in Fountain Square that weekend. Promise that I have a really good reason for it.

My wife and I were looking for a new home in New Orleans.

In a couple of weeks, we'll no longer be Fountain Square residents, and the reality of leaving such a wonderful neighborhood in such a wonderful city sinks in slowly. While we won't be strangers (too many friends and family in the area, plus the need for business travel), we will sell our house and pack everything up and eventually leave for our new city.

That also means that we have a lot of people to thank and wish well (both inside the neighborhood and out), and I'll do that next week while we're actually packing the boxes and such. In the meantime, I do want to leave you with a great resource that will do a wonderful job of keeping you up-to-date with the happenings in Fountain Square - The folks over there not only list all of the events taking place in Fountain Square (musical and otherwise), but the do317 Lounge in the Murphy Building brings some great acts into a wonderfully intimate space. Dodge and Josh and the rest at have been around music for quite a long time now - you're in their hands now.

It's First Friday - go out and enjoy Fountain Square. It's a fantastic place, and I'm more than a little sad to leave it.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio takes the weekend off, but you can see Danny Thompson play with friends over at Revolucion tonight. Tufty has you covered.

The White Rabbit Cabaret nurses your Cataracts hangover tomorrow night with Heavy Hanging Return Arkestra (Crys + Learner Dancer), Magic Milk, Ancient Slang, and Beer. And you don't have to hang out in a backyard to see them.

Indy's Jukebox hosts the Lickers, Black Cat Choker, and the Blah Blah Blahs tonight. Tomorrow, Devil To Pay celebrates their 10th year as a band along with Goliathon and Lo-Pan. Congrats, messers!

The Hoosier Dome brings on Late Nite Reading, Dear City Lights, Drop The Anchor, Eric Montgomery, and Will Sharaya tonight. Tomorrow, take in Ghost Town, Indian City Weather, Oreo Jones, Tommy Law, Grey Granite, Freddie Bunz, Boss L, FLACO, and Caelume.

The Murphy Building shares some great shows with the general public this weekend:

  • Tonight, see Heidi Gluck with Devon Ashley and Kenny Childers, plus the United States Three, tonight in the lounge.
  • Tomorrow, the Joyful Noise space hosts Shy Hunters, Ko, and Heavy Hometown.

And there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring Lounge all weekend long. Enjoy!

Also, Fox 59 - thanks for the story this week on Fountain Square, but we do have more than trivia nights and paved roads. Seriously - you're pushing our newly paved roads? It's not like they were dirt paths just a few short weeks ago. We've been with the rest of the city for a little while now. It's okay, don't be scared. You can even park on them!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Fountain Square welcomes a bike race and a ton of music this weekend. There's a big lineup starting tonight in the Murphy Building parking lot tonight, and the sound moves over to Morris St. tomorrow. Check out the Cataracts website for more information, times, lineup, and such. Just don't park behind my garage - I might have to go get groceries.

Bigger Than Elvis hits the Radio Radio stage tomorrow night.

Indy's Jukebox brings in CKM tomorrow night along with the Creme De La Femmes burlesque troupe. White Rabbit Cabaret also features burlesque this weekend, just so you know.

The Hoosier Dome hosts a beach party tonight with No Coast and Dead Beach. On Saturday (and I'm copying this directly from the website so as not to in any way minimize the awesomeness and poor comma placement) "Shadow Walkaz Entertainment proudly presents, The Slaughterday Extravaganza!"

Danny Thompson and friends play at Revolucion tonight, and there's live music at the Brass Ring and Maria's Pizza all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Week

Radio Radio hosts Whistle Peak, KO, and Jascha tonight.

The White Rabbit is full of burlesque, comedy, and DJs this weekend. Check out their schedule for all the details.

How much metal is there at Indy's Jukebox this weekend? SO MUCH METAL. Tonight, the schedule includes Judgement, Legion, Halibrid, and Opus Della Morte. Tomorrow, you can see Skeletonwitch, the Gates of Slumber, Summon the Destroyer, Chrome Waves, Radiation Sickness, and Casque.

The Hoosier Dome showcases a bunch of new bands tonight. Tomorrow, take in Gud Fest with . . . a bunch of bands. Look at the schedule for more info.

The Toadies are doing a show at the do317 Lounge in the Murphy Building this afternoon, but you probably weren't invited. Not that they wouldn't have invited you - they're good people over there. They just didn't know you wanted to go, and there's only so much space, anyway. Catch up with them next time, I'm sure they'll help you out.

Danny Thompson and friends play a lotta rockabilly and such at Revolucion tonight.

And it's Swing Night tonight in Fountain Square, along with jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio features Bigger Than Elvis for FREE this very First Friday night!

Indy's Jukebox presents IKILLYA, Psychic Faith, First Degree Martyr, and Hallowed Ground this very night. Welcome home, Jason!

Huge punk show at the Hoosier Dome tonight with Algernon Cadwallader, Hop Along, Pessoa, The Caution Children, Coma Regalia, and The Greater Good. Tomorrow brings the death metal of Cothron Fest 2012, featuring Heavy Lies The Crown, Primordium, Visceral Throne, Kataplexy, End It With A Shotgun, and Viral Dystrophy.

The good folks at the Murphy Building and do317 present Cameron McGill and Andrew Combs tonight as part of First Friday!

And, of course, there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio welcomes back Girl in a Coma tomorrow night, along with Kaleidostars and Carrie and the Clams.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents Bear Hands and Fort Lean tonight.

Indy's Jukebox welcomes XFactor1 and Mine Enemies Fall tonight. Tomorrow, take in Kill Box.

The Hoosier Dome features Remember Paris, Amuse, Up 2-11, Drop The Anchor and We Are Forever tonight. Tomorrow, Campaign and Iafrate take the stage.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater tonight, and there's live rockabilly at Revolucion right across the street with Danny Thompson and Friends. And, as always, there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring Lounge all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio gives the gift of The Weeks, Hotfox, and No Coast tonight. Tomorrow night, you can experience Langhorne Slim and The Law.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents huge night tonight with the Rad Summer Records 1 Year Anniversary Party - performances from Andy D, Oreo Jones, Black Fabio, and Party Lines (along with DJ sets from Knife Vice, B Qwyatt, and Action Jackson).

Indy's Jukebox hosts The Hawkeyes and Hero Jr. Saturday night. Sunday night, take in Standard Issue Citizen and The Deity.

The Hoosier Dome gets overrun this weekend by Pirad Fest VI - check out the website for more information, 'cause I ain't typing all that.

The Joyful Noise space at the Murphy Building presents Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake) tonight at 9pm.

And there's live jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I wish I could tell you to go to the Ramble tonight at Radio Radio, featuring a tribute to the Band. Proceeds go to help Down Syndrome Indiana. And it's going to be such a good show, too. I wish I could tell you to go, really. But I can't. 'Cause it's sold out. If you were gonna go, you'd already have your ticket. I'll enjoy it, though.

NOISE! pianoke takes place at White Rabbit Cabaret tonight.

Indy's Jukebox presents Young Ryda tomorrow night.

The Hoosier Dome hosts Automagik, The Noise FM, and Follow and Feel tonight. Tomorrow, take in Tangled Headphones, Great Future, Bob's Dead, and Now What?

It's Swing Night in Fountain Square tonight, and there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!