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Bass Porn For Today AND A Software Update

The Ouija Bass, courtesy of Thumbrella. I’m also curious as to the new music offering from Apple, Logic Studio 8. According to the web store entry, it includes the program, Soundtrack Pro 2 (I use the previous version of this for the IMN Podcast), MainStage (a program design to help use Logic live) and a bunch of samples and virtual… Read more →

How many iPods can there be?

Just because the iPod started with the Model T version doesn’t preclude the evolution of the species, I suppose. There are a hell of a lot of options now, though. We now have the Shuffle, the Nano (with video), the iPod Classic (with massive hard drive), the iPod Touch (with spiffy interface), and the iPhone (we’ve heard about the last… Read more →

Downloading Music (and other things) From Just About Everywhere

I’m starting to think that the fate of the CD and the controversy over HD-DVD and Blu-ray just don’t matter anymore. The fate of shiny plastic discs pales in comparison to what’s available via a network, but it goes further than that. When you take the discs out of the equation, that changes the hardware needs as well. Does it… Read more →

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