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After the Book Came Out: Minim

Midim in the hands of the ultimate stress test

Proper background on this - I participated in the Minim Kickstarter for Livid Instruments because I liked my previous Guitar Wing purchase and I needed a relatively inexpensive pad-based MIDI controller. Because of the huge demand for the device, delivery went a little past their promised time, but so it goes. The unit arrived fully charged and in perfect condition (and with the requested personalization), so no worries there.



Although Minim arrives with a USB cord, you can only use it for charging. For actually connecting with devices, you must use Bluetooth LE. I encountered no issues with pairing Minim to my iPad or iPhone, but this requirement left my older Mac out in the cold. No worries, though, as I found that my Guitar Wing dongle also takes signal from the Minim. It seems that whichever devices shows up first claims the dongle, and I couldn't get both to work at the same time. This functionality doesn't appear "official" based on what I can dig up from Livid's site, but it's a handy backup if you're using older tech.

Once you connect to your choice of app (Minim arrives with a fairly basic app, but you'll want to connect to a more full-fledged app like Korg Gadget for maximum usage), Minim functions exactly as you'd expect it to. Tap the pads, play your beats or notes, and you're good to go. I did need to use the Minim app to make the pads a little more responsive to my style, but this need will obviously vary from person to person. Opening the editor and making the changes went smoothly enough. In the future, I'd really like to see editor apps for iOS devices to bypass the need for a computer entirely - on-the-go changes would be much easier. Until then, though, this editor functioned well enough.

For a pretty decent price, Midim delivers a good product that you can take anywhere and interface with almost all newer tech. Honor the boundaries and vagaries of Bluetooth, and this controller should help you make excellent music.