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After the Book Came Out: iMaschine 2

iMaschine 2

Native Instrument's iMaschine 2 mimics the computer-based version of the app, which in turn brings MPC-based sampling to the computer (not to be confused with the iMPC Pro app, which does the same thing, but I digress...). The recently updated version adds scene-based recording and playback, step-recording, and a ton of sounds (including the previous iMaschine sound libraries). Just pick your pads, sound samples, and tap away - you're ready to go.

iMaschine 2

Well, kind of. When I first bought the app, the sound wouldn't come out of my iTrack dock without routing it through Audiobus. An update added this capability, but it didn't support background audio. Again, the addition to Audiobus solved the issue, but it's still introducing the possibility of latency that I shouldn't have to deal with. And the update didn't add MIDI support either, so I'd recommend using the step recording feature because tapping the screen isn't always the easiest way to play along with recordings. So while iMaschine 2 makes a handy app for programming full tracks, it still deals with some hampered functionality and a lack of basic MIDI functionality

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