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In the Far-Distant Future . . .

When I help produce the Podcast, I frequently joked that Indianapolis bands never break up. A reunion show always waits in the future, maybe short-term, maybe distant. But like an animal returning to an instinctual home, devoid of any active intent but motivated by something more base and primal, the band will come together for at least one more show. Probably. Time eventually prevents these reunions, and I lack the facilities to perform the full research to make this a full-fledged scientific theory or law. But there you go.

The Playboy Psychonauts validated this rule last month with a weird one-off reunion at IndyPopCon. I would already be in town for work, so the timing was right. And why not stage a reunion show at a place the band never played before (the Indianapolis Convention Center) for a group of folks who never experienced the act before (since the band stopped playing three years earlier and we never focused on conventions). Everybody loves sitar-based lounge covers with a weird twist and no vocal audience interaction! CAN'T MISS. Add the fact that I had to borrow a guitar strap from headliners Paul and Storm (SO PROFESSIONAL), and we were set for glory!

While the reception was indeed pretty positive (I wish I could find the successive tweets that birthed an initial reaction of #sitarfunkfail and the next tweet where we finally won them over, but Twitter won't let me search for that hashtag - HOW DO YOU LOSE THE #SITARFUNKFAIL HASHTAG?!), the whole event made it worth it to meet Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and receive some good words about the music we don't know when we'll play again. Which was also fun to explain to the folks who bought the album after the performance (I couldn't resist the mention of the Bandcamp site and an added "Hodor" - I knew the crowd).

So there you go. Until next time.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Rice)

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  1. Sad I missed it!

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