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  1. James Roach
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    Damn zoning officials. 😉 I read some interesting articles on the topic after reading your post. Reminds me of some of Bloomington’s problems. IU and university students are our lifeblood and many cases livelihood, but so many people complain about living next to them. Any idea of the history of these regulations? why were they originally enacted? In NOLA is like most major Cities, its zoning regulations are probably a Frankenstein created over decades to respond to specific issues or as a reaction to a misguided development project. Are there people/groups that are pushing to keep the status quo? I’ll tell you one thing, attend a few more pro live music rallies and you won’t be an outsider for long!

  2. James Roach
    James Roach at |

    This guy has an good synopsis.

    Some of it is only interesting to a zoning geek like me.

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