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Thoughts on Apple’s Podcast App

Sure, other apps like Stitcher Radio provide the functionality that Apple's Podcast app does (pulling together different progranms into a single feed), but I bit on the Podcast app because I already had my podcast subscriptions set up inside iTunes. The subscriptions themselves synced fine, but I decided to unsubscribe in iTunes and just stream the episodes. Two drawbacks:

  • Had to resubscribe to all podcasts inside the app - it didn't carry over
  • Got a nice warning that I was going over 3GB on streaming - time to turn on the WiFi

I also had a full crash where I had to delete, reinstall, and resubscribe all podcasts. Feh.

That said, I'm saving a ton of space by not actually downloading the episodes anymore (LOT of music on my iPhone), and the unplayed podcast list works dandy. Needs some improvement, but overall a keeper.

And yes, I still listen to podcasts like it's 2009 and stuff.

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  1. Oh sweet! I listen to podcasts like crazy, this is a lifesaver. What do you listen to? I mostly listen to comedy and sports stuff.

  2. Downtown Soulville, most of the NPR music podcasts (if only to rail on how many times they talk about Bon Iver), Snap Judgment, Studio 360, This American Life, The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture (W. Kamau Bell and Vernon Reid), The MetalCast, the Onion, and a few more sprinkled in here and there.

  3. Now would be a great time to unashamedly pimp my own podcast profiling LA jazz musicians:

  4. Please, sir – plug away!

    /Lovitz-as-Fierstein voice

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