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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio welcomes back Girl in a Coma tomorrow night, along with Kaleidostars and Carrie and the Clams.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents Bear Hands and Fort Lean tonight.

Indy's Jukebox welcomes XFactor1 and Mine Enemies Fall tonight. Tomorrow, take in Kill Box.

The Hoosier Dome features Remember Paris, Amuse, Up 2-11, Drop The Anchor and We Are Forever tonight. Tomorrow, Campaign and Iafrate take the stage.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater tonight, and there's live rockabilly at Revolucion right across the street with Danny Thompson and Friends. And, as always, there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring Lounge all weekend long. Enjoy!


This was a triumph…

Portal BassNo sound samples coming from this one, but that's not really the point. This bass represents a triumph, a huge success. Make a note of it. And hope it doesn't drop through any holes in space or something. If you lose the bass, you don't get any cake.


Thoughts on Apple’s Podcast App

Sure, other apps like Stitcher Radio provide the functionality that Apple's Podcast app does (pulling together different progranms into a single feed), but I bit on the Podcast app because I already had my podcast subscriptions set up inside iTunes. The subscriptions themselves synced fine, but I decided to unsubscribe in iTunes and just stream the episodes. Two drawbacks:

  • Had to resubscribe to all podcasts inside the app - it didn't carry over
  • Got a nice warning that I was going over 3GB on streaming - time to turn on the WiFi

I also had a full crash where I had to delete, reinstall, and resubscribe all podcasts. Feh.

That said, I'm saving a ton of space by not actually downloading the episodes anymore (LOT of music on my iPhone), and the unplayed podcast list works dandy. Needs some improvement, but overall a keeper.

And yes, I still listen to podcasts like it's 2009 and stuff.

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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio gives the gift of The Weeks, Hotfox, and No Coast tonight. Tomorrow night, you can experience Langhorne Slim and The Law.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents huge night tonight with the Rad Summer Records 1 Year Anniversary Party - performances from Andy D, Oreo Jones, Black Fabio, and Party Lines (along with DJ sets from Knife Vice, B Qwyatt, and Action Jackson).

Indy's Jukebox hosts The Hawkeyes and Hero Jr. Saturday night. Sunday night, take in Standard Issue Citizen and The Deity.

The Hoosier Dome gets overrun this weekend by Pirad Fest VI - check out the website for more information, 'cause I ain't typing all that.

The Joyful Noise space at the Murphy Building presents Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake) tonight at 9pm.

And there's live jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I wish I could tell you to go to the Ramble tonight at Radio Radio, featuring a tribute to the Band. Proceeds go to help Down Syndrome Indiana. And it's going to be such a good show, too. I wish I could tell you to go, really. But I can't. 'Cause it's sold out. If you were gonna go, you'd already have your ticket. I'll enjoy it, though.

NOISE! pianoke takes place at White Rabbit Cabaret tonight.

Indy's Jukebox presents Young Ryda tomorrow night.

The Hoosier Dome hosts Automagik, The Noise FM, and Follow and Feel tonight. Tomorrow, take in Tangled Headphones, Great Future, Bob's Dead, and Now What?

It's Swing Night in Fountain Square tonight, and there's live music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio presents the monthly Bigger Than Elvis appearance tonight for First Friday.

White Rabbit Cabaret hosts Hassenpfeffer tonight and burlesque tomorrow. There's some music in there somewhere.

Indy's Jukebox features pvrenchymv, VIRES, Hell With It All, and Discard the Body tonight (lots of weird capitalization there). Tomorrow, take in Radiation Sickness, Photian Schism, Hordes of Nebulah, and Nak'ay.

Oddly enough, the Piradical calendar doesn't show any events at the Hoosier Dome this evening. We all need some time off, I suppose.

The Murphy Building hosts a free performance from KO in the Do317 Lounge, and Richard Edwards plays the Joyful Noise space (along with Adam Kuhn).

Funkyard puts on a First Friday event featuring music from Veseria. And don't forget - live jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring this weekend, as well. Enjoy!