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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio wisely stays inside this weekend to keep cool. Look for more next week.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents Burlesque Bingo Bango tonight. Surely there's some music in there somewhere?

Indy's Jukebox has Rituals, Shadeland, and Hangerhead tonight. Tomorrow, take in Autumn Burning and Standout Story.

The Hoosier Dome features Crash 21, Canopy Crew, Super Fly YC, Peachpop, and Geno The Genius tonight. Tomorrow, they bring in Blood of the Martyrs, ForeverAtLast, Refractions, and Farewell From the Gallows.

And there's live music at the Brass Ring and Maria's Pizza all weekend long. Enjoy, and please don't melt.


Problems with Music Creation on New WindowsRT Mobile Devices?

You can't open a browser window anymore without hearing of new music-making applications on iOS (at least I can't, thanks to my Google home page), so it's a little puzzling to see Microsoft take a sharp turn away from supporting that kind of innovation on their own mobile operating system. My friend Matt Fecher first alerted me to this knowledge, and this article only confirms the stark future:

  • No low latency
  • No plug-ins
  • No external hardware support

To be fair, Windows 8 on a standard PC works just dandy for music, so have it, you developer-type folks. The benchmarks seem better than Windows 7, so that's great news. But given the options and possibilities available using mobile devices (and the opportunity for those who hate iOS to try something different), why cut off a segment of your audience?


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio present Quiet Corral, Bait & Tackle Tabernacle, and Christian Taylor tonight. Tomorrow night, you can see Hero Jr's CD release show with Goliathon and The Black Shades.

The White Rabbit Cabaret has NOISE! pianoke tonight and Kiss Kiss Cabaret tomorrow.

Indy's Jukebox goes metal (well, stays metal, really) with the Tug Fork River Band tonight. Tomorrow, it's Dead Set Ready.

The Hoosier Dome has Crash 21 tonight. Tomorrow, take in Infamous, Real Friends, Farewell Forever, Of Creations, and Romanticide.

It's Swing Night in Fountain Square, and there's live jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring.

I, however, will be seeing BOOTSY COLLINS LIVE and will not be there tonight. Sorry, that's just the way it is.


Propellerheads Reason and Rack Extensions

Many months ago, I sold my Digitech Bass Whammy pedal to some lucky soul in Detroit. It was a cool effect, but I just didn't use it that much. I didn't really expect the effect to come back into my life (and that particular pedal hasn't - just the overall effect), but Reason's Polar has done just that. Check out the video to see exactly what's going on there. And that's why Rack Extensions make Reason so much more fantastic. It finally allows 3rd-party developers into Reason's walled garden, and I'm having loads of fun playing with what's now available. The best part is that, combined with my SoftStep, I have the Whammy effects back (without messing with a finicky pedal). So very cool.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio gets folky tonight with Cootie Crabtree and the Ultraviolet Blues Band, Jeff Randall and the Sunday Best, and Shelby Co. Sinners. Tomorrow, catch the reunion of the Strugglers.

The White Rabbit Cabaret hosts the farewell show for TJ Reynolds & the Freehand Orchestra, as well as with Blackberry Jam and DMA. Best of luck to TJ and Sarah in Boston!

Indy's Jukebox presents metal powerhouse Halibrid tonight.

The Hoosier Dome features pop-punk tonight with Misunderstood, Drop Out Kid, Forsaken Sights, Run For It Stacy, and Attack From Above. Tomorrow, take in Beau Navire, We Were Skeletons, Ittō, Big Things, and Marital Roles tomorrow night.

And, of course, there's live lounge music at the Brass Ring Saturday night and live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend long. Enjoy!


Fountain Square (AND BEYOND) Music This Weekend

No shows on the Radio Radio calendar this weekend.

There's dancing all Saturday night at the White Rabbit Cabaret.

Indy's Jukebox present CokeDickMotorcycleAwesome, Rituals, the Mighty John Waynes, Hell With It All, and SynAestesia tomorrow night.

The Hoosier Dome brings in Simple Static, Purple Peanut Armada, Hamilton Skye, Follow and Feel, and Automagik tonight. Tomorrow, celebrate with Crippler, Bullet Hell, Fear No Evil, and Matt Enemy Wants To Die.

It's Swing Night in Fountain Square Tonight, and there's live jazz at Maria's all weekend long. Also, take in live lounge music at the Brass Ring tomorrow night.

And, if you will, I'm performing with the ever-talented and lovely Nancy Moore at the Circle City Pride Fest tomorrow at 3pm. Do join!


Radio Paying Recording Artists?

Well, kinda. Clear Channel will share ad revenue with a country label in exchange for playing their works (and for the artists agreeing to cap their income from digital stations). So it really only affects a select group of major-label artists, and it's really just a shift of income from one source to another. Think of it as another edition of the 360 artist deals some big artists received a few years ago. There's still no clear legal solution that benefits all recording artists and digital stations. Just some redistribution of income at the higher levels.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

No cover at Radio Radio to see Learner Dancer, Vacation Club, and Crys tonight? Well, there you go!

The White Rabbit Cabaret brings in Rocky Votolato, Brown Bird, and CALLmeKAT tonight. Big First Friday, eh?

Indy's Jukebox puts together a large bill tomorrow night, including StepSon, Via Lotus, Johnny Bukart, and Circus of Man.

The Hoosier Dome showcases some art and the music of Circle City Deacons, Shannon Hayden, and Athens tonight for First Friday. Tomorrow, they present The Noyokos, The Holland Account, Epic Fail, and Amrak.

Congrats to Arthur's Music for 60 years in the business! They've got a big party and sale going down this weekend.

The JoHNsoNgs Electric Guitar Coalition play at the Murphy Building tonight, and there's always live music at the Brass Ring and Maria's Pizza all weekend long. Enjoy!