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Another Abbreviated Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I'm at Jazz Fest in New Orleans this weekend. If I were in Fountain Square, I'd see Tonos Triad and Snorb! tonight, the magic of Unknown Hinson tomorrow night at Radio Radio, and maybe even Gates of Slumber Sunday night. But I'm here. Such is life.


Abbreviated Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I've been traveling and can't post a full update today, but I need to remind you about the Joel Henderson show tomorrow night at Radio Radio, featuring drummer extraordinaire Devon Ashley and Heidi Gluck, as well as the bassist from Robert Plant's Band of Joy. Get out there and enjoy the show!


In The Movies . . .

If you saw me roaming around downtown Indianapolis or leaning over the railings near the White River with a portable audio recorder late last year, there was a very good reason for me to be doing so. I was recording background and foley sounds for Catherine Crouch's new short film A Pirate in Alphabet City. She was also gracious enough to use some incidental music I composed. Cast and crew got to see the final product last Sunday, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. What surprised me was how much easier it is to put music in video than when I first started researching the subject years ago. No more messing with SMPTE code - just play along to the video (I did all of my work in Reason) and nudge the clips as necessary.

The movie should be hitting the festival circuit soon, and hopefully I'll get to do more work like this in the future.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio presents Diplomats of Solid Sound and T-Bird and The Breaks tonight - ignite your soul power.

Check in with the White Rabbit Cabaret tomorrow night for the Real Talk Dance Party w/ Action Jackson & A-Squared Industries.

Indy's Jukebox gets all metallic tonight with Biorhythm, pvrenchymv, Opus Della Morte, Hell With It all, and Nautilus.

The Hoosier Dome presents Elijah, Refractions, Saints of Denial, and Vultress tomorrow.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater with the Boilermaker Jazz Band tonight, and there's live jazz and lounge music at Maria's Pizza and the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!



The stuttering audio problems returned late last night, even despite the UC-33 being off and unplugged. Heck, they continued even after I removed ALL of the MIDI gear. So that's a problem. - until I noticed some nasty red flags on my user folders when I tried to save a track within Reason. Out of curiosity, I rebooted from the Lion Recovery disk and reset the user permissions of my recording account. The results? Not only did the audio NOT continue stuttering, but I was able to get my devices working. Via USB. Even the "officially" legacy Roland GI-20. Just a quick device creation in the Audio MIDI Setup utility, and it's performing as expected. The problem traces back to when I was messing about and moving my user profile as part of an attempt to Boot Camp Windows 8 on my new dual-drive Mac Mini (again, don't try it - doesn't work all that well in theory and not at all for me). So I'm up and running at full strength again and . . . recording a track my wife says sounds like Katy Perry. Perhaps I should not have been so effective in my troubleshooting efforts.


New Music Computer Unsure About My Old Devices

Another fun part of upgrading is seeing what devices still work with your new system. So far, my GI-20's USB capabilities are gone (it's officially not supported in Lion), and my UC-33 is stalling audio on my machine right now for some reason (tonight's troubleshooting includes testing USB cords, USB hubs, and working with the Mac's audio and MIDI settings to try and correct the situation). The device itself is class-compliant (i.e., the Mac should just accept it and move on), and I'm hoping to run the MIDI out on the GI-20 to the UC-33 MIDI in for usage that way. Did I think I'd have to ever daisy-chain MIDI devices together again? Nothing like new technology taking me back to the 90s! The M-Audio Duo seems to be working splendidly, though, so no need to work there. Thank goodness for small favors.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

EDIT: Radio Radio is closed this weekend. Move along. Nothing to see here. VERY MUCH OPEN THIS WEEKEND. Check out Electric Six, Aficionado, and Andy D tonight. Tomorrow, Bigger Than Elvis returns to the stage.

Is there metal at Indy's Jukebox tomorrow? There is metal at Indy's Jukebox tomorrow. Specifically, you can see Discard The Body Metal, Threat Level, ELYSION FIELDS, Legion, and First Degree Martyr.

The White Rabbit Cabaret hosts Everything, Now!, Hotfox, and Bonesetters tomorrow night.

Tonight, you can see Habits, Modern Hearts, Marital Roles, Swan, Of Arizona, and Indian City Weather at the Hoosier Dome. Tomorrow, the venue brings in Opponents, Blind Justice, SideFX, Male Bondage, Caelume, PissArtist, Nak'ay, and Pessoa. That's a lot of amps moved on and off stage in a single weekend.

There's live jazz and lounge music at the Brass Ring and Maria's Pizza all weekend long, and congratulations to Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company for their new expanded location!


New Music Computer Doesn’t Like Windows

If anything, just let this be a warning to never try and install Windows 8 on a dual-drive Mac Mini system. It doesn't work. Trust me - I have many days of effort to attest to it. I encountered several warnings that it was difficult, but I tried every possible configuration short of voiding the warranty and disconnecting one of the drives. Just doesn't work - gets through two reboots and hangs on a black screen. And throws up occasional errors, just to taunt you.

On a lark, I tried the 32-bit version on my 6-year-old laptop - took about half-an-hour to a full boot. Amazing.

That said, the dual-drive Mac Mini makes a great machine for Reason and the RAID array means the data is always backed up. Which is nice. But it definitely doesn't like Windows. At all. Even when given its own drive and no Boot Camp. What a prima donna.

So now I'm going to revisit Ableton Live Lite (free, courtesy of Soundcloud) and see how it plays with Reason. And we'll never talk about Windows again.