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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio brings Unknown Hinson back to town tomorrow. He's unavailable today due to Black Friday shopping for party liquor and guns.

Indy's Jukebox brings in The Hangdog Hearts tonight and Accept Regret, Fourth Stone, and Second Hand News tomorrow.

The Hoosier Dome has Vires, Haruspex, The Room Colored Charlatan, and Stone Throats tonight. Tomorrow, take in Sylosis.

And there are always the regular performers at the Red Lion Grog House, Maria's Pizza, and the Brass Ring. Enjoy!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend – Tonic Ball Edition

Normally I'd list all the shows going down in Fountain Square this weekend (like the good show with Slothpop et al at the White Rabbit Cabaret tomorrow), but this post is all about the Tonic Ball, simply because it represents to me all that is good about my beloved neighborhood.

This event has never strayed from its roots in my beautiful district, and it's only gotten bigger and better as the years have gone on (thanks in no small part to FS-based business owner Ken Honeywell and his amazing board members and staff). It benefits a wonderful cause (Second Helpings, not in FS but just down the road and that's good enough). And it brings some of my most favorite musicians and people together to play music, both our own and the music of some of our most important influences (including REM, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson).

The construction along Virginia Avenue is almost done, and the Cultural Trail is finally starting to take shape. Visitors this evening will be able to see what a vital and invigorating place Fountain Square has become - I've seen so much improvement since I've moved in almost 6 years ago, and I love to share with visitors everything this place has to offer. I'm excited for the great businesses in the area and how many people they'll welcome this evening. And I can't wait to see Prospect Ave. overtaken by a huge throng of people making their way from venue to venue. Or maybe that's just the inevitable traffic jam outside Radio Radio. I dunno. In any case, welcome.

As excited about this event as I am, it's more than a little scary, too. I'm making my public solo debut tonight, and there's no drunk lead singer to distract the crowd this time. It's just two songs, it's a friendly crowd, and it's for a wonderful cause, but I'm still nervous, and no amount of practice I've done (and I've done a LOT) is going to mitigate that. So take it easy on me this evening, and let me get through it and just enjoy everything the night has to offer.


New IMN Podcast and Music Services

The new IMN podcast is up - download it here or listen on the site or WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

So now that iTunes Match and Google Music are available, I'm thinking that Google might have have come up with the winning service here - if only because it's free (versus $24.99/year for iTunes match). You might have to spend a little more time and effort to upload the tracks, but the mobile version of the site played just fine on my iPhone browser. And that's key - if it's mobile and browser-based, you'll (theoretically) be able to get it on more devices. The interesting thing to me is that both services don't restrict necessarily by size - they restrict by number of songs (25,000 for iTunes Match vs. 20,000 for Google). There might be some file limit size, but cloud storage is evidently cheap enough that they're not worried about it anymore. Toss in Amazon, and all three will hold on to the music you buy for you (unless you're an ubercollector and have too many songs).

But this all sounds a lot like the debut of Best Buy nationwide to me - remember when CDs were loss-leaders to get you to buy more at Best Buy? Music is still a loss-leader for these companies, and only the products have changed. Apple wants to sell hardware, Google wants to sell you as part of their advertising and analytics ventures (as do streaming services like MOG, Spotify, and more), and Amazon wants to sell . . . everything else they sell on Amazon. The convenience and portability of the music is wonderful, but there's actually been precious little shift in the ecosystem for these larger companies. The content drives the purchasing of other goods, and that leaves music in a surprising familiar neighborhood for all of the recent changes.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio manages only one show this weekend - probably because they need the rest of the weekend to recover from the onslaught of Har Mar Superstar and Andy D.

The Hoosier Dome has Swan, Sonic Maelstrom, and Biorhythm tonight. Tomorrow, you can catch Venable’s last show ever. Or so they say. Indianapolis bands never break up, really.

It's Swing Night in Fountain Square tonight with the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra. And there's always the folks you know . . .

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow

Finally, although it's not technically in the neighborhood and it's not until next week, even, I wanted to mention Laura Balke's CD release show next week at the Earth House. Why? 'Cause a lot of it was recorded in the Murphy Building, and there's no structure more Fountain Square than that. Check out the songs at and enjoy!


New IMN Podcast and more Tonic Ball News

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

The good folks at Tonic Ball just posted the lineup for the Michael Jackson stage at this year's event - take a look at the scheduled goodness here:

  • Ryan Williams - Human Nature + an original
  • Freddie T and the People - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough and Can You Feel It
  • The Calumet Reel - I Want You Back
  • Skyhunter - Smooth Criminal and Say Say Say
  • Rob Vargo - The Way You Make Me Feel and Ain't No Sunshine
  • PK and the Big Stir - I'm Going Back to Indiana and Money Honey
  • Buster Eagle - Leave Me Alone + an original
  • Household Guns - Dirty Diana + an original
  • The Trumans - Man in the Mirror and Billie Jean
  • Henry French - Pretty Young Thing
There's also REM and David Bowie stages, and the section of Prospect St. between these venues are going to be MADNESS. Really looking forward to this event, and I think I should practice now. Go get your tickets!

One More Track . . .

Forgot to give the new track on Soundcloud its very own post - so here it is. This is a single track of bass (Stringray 5 through a SansAmp Bass Driver DI) recorded through Reason 6. The drums just have some reverb on them, and the loops have a little Alligator filter on them. Have at it!


Solo Stuff!

Some quick notifications here - I'm still playing with the groups I usually do (and accepting new gigs if you're interested - contact info to the right), but I'm also putting together some solo material. For which to play solo shows and do some recording. To whit:

  • Tonic Ball has graciously included me on their compilation to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this great event, along with 16 fantastic acts. All money from sales of this compilation benefit Second Helpings, which is a wonderful cause. Go support them now.
  • That compilation features acts performing at this year's Tonic Ball, taking place on Friday, November 18th at three venues in the beautiful Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. And yes, that means I'll be one of the performers. On the Michael Jackson stage (David Bowie and REM are the other featured subjects of tribute). And that's the best way to make your public solo debut, I think: I'm just playing two songs, and one of them people already know. Nailed it!
  • Finally, don't forget the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse album. If you haven't purchased it already, go do that now, and thank you.
So there's that. Thanks for your patience.

Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio features the Public Defender's Ball tonight with Stereo Deluxe, Andrew Bean, and Henry French. Tomorrow, it's The Devil Makes Three, Brown Bird, and Bigger than Elvis.

The Hoosier Dome also has a busy weekend - tonight, you can see Xerxes, Stone Throats, Lightyears, and Iafrate. Tomorrow, see Native, The Reptilian, Pessoa, and Marital Roles. Sunday wraps up with Swimming With Dolphins, Indian City Weather and more.

And it's First Friday, so please join us in Fountain Square for the usual mayhem.

Don't forget the good folks that do this every week:

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow

New IMN Podcast and Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm. Only a few more shows left!

I was grateful to receive my copy of Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies in the mail a few days ago - this is the second edition to which I was able to contribute technical editing, and Jeff Strong's book turned out wonderfully. This project is exciting for a couple of reasons. First, it's starting to take into account the ability for mobile devices to provide recording capabilities to the home recordists. I can remember classes in 2001 where the professor talked about one day having virtual touchscreens control audio in the studio, and that day is here. And for a lot cheaper than I expected it to be. Second, the book demonstrates that, no matter what tools you use, a little knowledge and common sense goes a long way. Go get the latest edition - thanks!