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Fountain Square Music This Weekend PLUS Cabaret Poe Opening Weekend!

Before kicking into the Fountain Square goodness, let me take a moment to remind you that Cabaret Poe opens tomorrow night and runs through the month of October. The works of Edgar Allen Poe with delightfully twisted musical numbers! Two shows have already sold out, so be sure to get tickets early. And often. Buy them early and often. Then buy more.

Radio Radio opens up tomorrow night to present alt-darlings Yuck and Porcelain Raft.

Do we still say alt-(something)? Or has that been ceded over to computer geeks forever?

The Vollrath gets uber-heavy tonight with Backwoods Payback, Suplecs, Devil To Pay, and The Dockers. Tomorrow stays the course with SynAestesia, Belligerant Bendajos, Jaded Chain, First Degree Martyr, and Misunderstood. Sunday wraps up the weekend with Rattlehead, Kaustik, and the ever-present TBA.

Do people still make TBA jokes, or do they just ignore the show entirely?

And now a word from our sponsors:

Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
Live lounge at the Brass Ring
Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow



New IMN Podcast and Fun Loopy Goodness

The new IMN Podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

I'd been playing with the Everyday Looper on the iPad for a bit, and it's a useful tool (especially the ability to arm tracks and import music loops). As much as they tried to customize the touchscreen for two-handed players, though, it could be a little awkward to play and loop at the same time. One of their recent updates added MIDI control for start, stop, and record functions, though. And then I paired it with the iPad's Camera Connection Kit and the SoftStep foot controller. So, for the full setup, that's the SoftStep going into the USB port on the 30-pin connection, and the bass going into an iRig in the headphone jack.

Success! The app took MIDI controls quite easily - I'm using the SoftStep in Toggle mode to trigger the looper, and the Everyday Looper accepts multiple commands for the same control. So you enter both the 0 and 127 levels of the toggle for start, stop, and record, and you're good to go. That way, there's no double-tapping the button to get the desired effect. The added benefit that I didn't even plan was that every new record attempt automatically bounces to the next track. You're never recording over the stuff you've already recorded.

I'd love to see future updates use the X-Y capabilities of the SoftStep to handle volume on the looped tracks, but that can wait - I'm having too much fun now.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio is quiet again this weekend - the next show happens this Monday with Shellac.

The Vollrath has Black Cat Rebellion, The Vice Tricks, The Messengers, and Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes tonight. That's loud enough, but Saturday gets louder with Pragmatic, Fight the Quiet, Apex Predator, and Dirty 30. Then the metal rolls in on Sunday with Ken Mode, Apostle of Solitude, Atlas Moth, and You Will Die and it's all over from there.

The White Rabbit Cabaret hosts the Gypsy Revival with Root Hog and Ladymoon tomorrow.

Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company brings in Old Thyme Eskimo tonight.

It's Swing Night in the Fountain Square Theater tonight, and don't forget to tip your servers:

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow

New IMN Podcast and the Return of Cabaret Poe

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Cabaret Poe opens this year the evening of Saturday, October 1st, and I'm really excited to be part of this year's production as well. Two performances have already sold out, so get your tickets early and take in the haunting spectacle.

I don't think I'll bring out the SoftStep for this show, but only because I'm still scratching the surface of what this pedal is capable of doing. I'm seeing possibilities for not only triggered notes, loop, and transport controls, but this thing can also control all kinds of elements on your computer as well (managed to create and save a text document with my feet a couple of days ago). This kind of complexity can lead you down the rabbit hold rather quickly (I spent half-an-hour trying to get back some basic configurations yesterday before finding my way back), but it's worth the effort so far.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio remains quiet this weekend.

The Vollrath hosts The Hedons, Skyhunter, and Antique Scream tonight. Tomorrow, take in Vibrolas, Belligerant Bendajos, The Dockers, and Nuclear After Party. Round out the weekend with Sleepringer, Eyewall, and Mound Builders on Sunday.

The White Rabbit Cabaret brings in Fishtank Ensemble and Tonos Triad tonight.

Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company presents Matt MacAndrew tonight.

The Cataracts Music Festival takes place tomorrow on E. Morris St. Watch out for the lawns, please.

And the rest of the story:

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow
And one last push for tomorrow's Art Squared event - live music, Masterpiece In A Day Music, and much more. Enjoy!

New IMN Podcast and Masterpiece In A Day

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Couldn't be more excited about this Saturday's Msterpiece In A Day competition - not only is it the the best day in Fountain Square, but the music competition is coming back for the first time in years and I really want all interested players to come out and participate. We're going to make sure electric folks have power to rehearse, so everyone is welcome. There's tons of great music at the Art Fair as well, including Denise and Jon Martin, Shelby County Sinners, She Does Is Magic, and Nathan Zarich. Exceptionally good music all around, and it's all yours for free. No entry fee for the competition either. Please come out and enjoy. Find all the details at


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio has a big weekend this weekend. Tonight, they have Tyrone Wells and Nick Howard. Tomorrow, Marmoset celebrates the release of their vinyl boxset with Richard Edwards, Vess Ruhtenberg, and Vacation Club.

The Vollrath is all heavy tonight with First Degree Martyr, Pallbearer, Last Nail In, and Biorhythm. Things stay heavy tomorrow with Cardiac Arrest, Absoconder, Coffinworm, and The Dockers.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theather tonight with The Big Swing Band. And there's all the usual suspects:

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow

New IMN Podcast and NPR’s Bass Nod

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

NPR's jazz blog took a swing at acknowledging jazz fussion bassists a couple of days ago, and the ones they picked certainly rank highly in the pantheon. But the whole music department over there puts a ton of effort in digging up new music in every other genre that this just seems a little . . . easy. Fans of the genre already know these names, and those that aren't fans probably aren't even reading this blog, anyway. May I recommend taking into account folks like Matthew Garrison and even Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, whose latest release is getting a ton of attention and is pushing what's possible in fusion (aside from just tossing in some jazz lines over rock)? The comments fill in a lot of the blanks, and maybe that was the point. But I'd love to hear more about the newer folks, too, and that's where the mandate should take blogs like this.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

So it's First Friday in Fountain Square this very evening - look for the Fountain Square Art Council to be out talking about Art Squared on September 17th, and enter the music competition!

Radio Radio happily celebrates the Neon Love Life CD release show (with 8 Inch Betsey and Hero Jr.) tonight. Tomorrow, take in Bigger Than Elvis.

The Vollrath brings in Phoenix on the Faultline, Dell Zell, Modern Motion, and These City Limits tonight. Tomorrow, they host the Jared Southwick Memorial Show with Harakiri, Whiskey Tits, Chinaski, Coffinworm, and Legion.

The Wheeler Art Center puts on a huge show tomorrow - Last Night To Rock Your Whites! (clothes, that is)

We Are Hex were supposed to play at White Rabbit Cabaret, but they broke up, so it's canceled.

And don't forget the regulars!

  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza
  • Live lounge at the Brass Ring
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion tomorrow

New IMN Podcast and SXSW Update

I guess it's already too late for the 4pm airing of the new IMN podcast on WFYI HD2, but you can still catch the 10pm airing. Or you just download it or listen at the site. Whatever works for you.

Voting ends tomorrow for the SXSW Panel Picker, including the very panel I'm on. The fact that this panel is the ONLY panel specifically mentioning bass is reason enough to vote for it, I'd say. You start out not working with bassists, you end up crapping all over Mozart with the Insane Clown Posse. Avoid such a fate, won't you?

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