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New IMN Podcast and Tiny Bass Porn

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Kala already had a bass ukelele out there - never played one, and honestly didn't have a ton of interest in it. This model, however, intrigues me. Mostly because it's a solid-body bass, but also because it travels well. Since the airlines still haven't made traveling with instruments larger than a flute any less hazardous, this has to be a concern. And it sounds bigger than it looks.


Thoughts on Reunions

This article struck me, especially in light of the IMN reunion show we put together last weekend. A fair number of these bands gave the effort needed to "make it" - hitting the road, playing the festivals, etc. And they decided at some point to pursue other things, and I can't blame them - the article does a good job of outlining how tough it is to do something, and I'm fairly sure it hasn't gotten easier since the time these bands gave it the good ol' college try. It was great to see them again, and they put on spectacular performances. But as nostalgic as it gets, I'm not going to blame them for not wanting to do it full-time right now. Times are tough.

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