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What Would Have Happened?

Amazon and Google have cloud-based music lockers, and next week's announcement from Apple surely promises a third option tied to an iTunes account. All of this should sound familiar - it's basically what was doing years ago. The difference is that used a physical disc to verify ownership, while these cloud services demand either uploading or purchase from a music service. That's a significant difference, but how much easier would everything have been if, instead of suing the service out of existence, the major labels had worked with You'd have a third-party service streaming purchased tracks as a value-added proposition to music sales, which is what everybody seems to want now. It only required a ton of money and lawsuits to hash it out back to the starting point?

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  1. The real question is how much it will cost. I’m not going to pay $10 a month for something I already have from for free. Not having to do UL’s is nice, but it’s not worth paying for when I can UL all night while I’m sleeping if I want to.

    If this service works anything like MobileMe only the true Apple fanbois will buy in. iDisk has been the worst cloud storage service on the market for years and shows no signs of improvement.

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