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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio presents Bottoms Up Burlesque with musical guests Miss Kimmy & Zorba and The Danny Thompson Trio tomorrow night. Get bawdy.

The Vollrath has the metal sounds of Duilliath, Draekon Shield of Wings, Antica Arcana, and Coffinsville tonight. The moods stays dark tomorrow for SynAestesia, Jeff Randall and the Sunday Best, Lilith on Top, and Black Cat Rebellion.

White Rabbit Cabaret host the big release party for Jorma & Movie Bare with John Rambo and the Vietnam Wars, Vacation Club and The Kemps.

And, of course, the regulars:

  • Live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend
  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House

New IMN Podcasts (PLURAL!) and The Big Show

Yes, there are two episodes this week. Get the first one the normal way or by listening to WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

There's also a special bonus edition where we play a lot of bands who thought they broke up and were wrong. Steve and I curse a lot, as well. That episode can ONLY be downloaded or listed to at the site 'cause it ran too long and, of course, the aforementioned cursing.

Which all leads up to Saturday's big show, of course. Nuvo provided some coverage love, and all of the particulars can be found on our Facebook page. Like us there, if you would, and remember that this is a special one-time event that we don't do too often. We're old and lazy, by the way. So make sure you catch these bands before they break up and reunite again much, much later.


Soundcloud Sample and Indianapolis Blogging

So here's the rough draft of the live piece I'm working on - feel free to listen and comment and such. I'll shorten the middle section a bit and work with the Everyday Looper app on the iPad to add some backing tracks to the final track, but this gives a general idea of where I'm going.

Also, I wanted to mention that the Indianapolis Bloggers network is back up and running - consider me the Fountain Square correspondent to their larger network.

Finally, a quick report - looks like the Cultural Walk construction is right on track, and we might even have a new greenspace in time for our Art Squared event in September (including the Fountain Square Art Fair, Masterpiece in a Day art competition, and the Fountain Square Art Parade). This'll be fun, and we promise to pick up the place before y'all come down. Although you're more than welcome before then - still plenty of parking and fine restaurants and shops and such. I'll even let you park behind my garage, if you wish.

ScrewinAround by The Bass Geek


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Modern rock goodness abounds tonight at Radio Radio with Ranger, Shadeland, Win With Willard, and Andrew Bean. Tomorrow, take in some Canadian indie rock from The Rural Alberta Advantage and Lord Huron.

The Vollrath features Nuclear After Party and Dell Zell and Liza Day tonight and Voodoo Sunshine, Post Script, One-Eyed Dog, and Step Son tomorrow. Also, a huge thank you to the good folks at this fine venue for spearheading the effort to return John Zeps' stolen guitar to him. The instrument is safely home, and all is right with the world.

Fountain Square Swing Night features The Swing Thing tonight, and there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend long.

The Brass Ring has live lounge music all weekend long, too, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House. Sorry. I don't make the rules. Enjoy!


New IMN Podcast and Solo Bass Stuff

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

So there's an opportunity to play a solo bass piece (mercifully just one song), and I've decided to take it. The rest of the band couldn't make it, and something was just nagging at me to give it a shot. So, I'll be doing a quick song (written by me, mercifully short) through the DI and iPad (for effects) more than likely, and we'll see how that goes. Yes, it involves all the techniques people have to come love or loathe when it comes to bass playing, but I promise there's a song in there. Really. I'll have an mp3 up soon if I decided I like it enough. The test audience (my wife, who I love for her boundless talent and beauty, gracious and caring soul, and brutal honesty when it comes to any music she doesn't like - including mine) gave it a passing grade, so I think I'm good to go. More details as they become available.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio needs some more time to recover from the Mike Watt show - nothing until next Wednesday.

The Vollrath welcomes Daikaiju in to cut heads tonight, along with The Slappies and Giraffes Eating Lions. Tomorrow, take in Emulus, Channing and Quinn, and Verdant Vera.

The White Rabbit Cabaret features Balkan Beats tonight and Gypsy Revival with Root Hog and Derrick Hart tomorrow night.

And, of course, the regulars:

  • Live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend
  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend
  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House



New IMN Podcast and Record Store Day

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Also, just a reminder about Record Store Day this Saturday (it's a nationwide event, but Indy folks can head over to Luna Music, Indy CD and Vinyl, Vibes Music, and even Larry and Jane's Records right here in Fountain Square) - it's happening this Saturday. And it's not just about heading out to the record store anymore. Nope, we've got special releases, limited editions, and otherwise desirable promotional material out there now. And there are no reservations (at least for the stores I talked to). So you're not going shopping anymore - you're headed out to the stores early and bothering sleepy and weary clerks to get what you want - nay, what you need - whilst battling other interested shoppers (questers?) bent on the same mission.

Basically, I'm wondering if this is the first time somebody dies on Record Store Day. Let's be safe out there.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Alright, so nothing is happening at Radio Radio this weekend. But I'm going to mention their show this coming Wednesday 'cause it features a bassist. And what a bassist. Mike Watt, to be precise. Go see him and the Missingmen on April 13th.

The Vollrath gets dark and dirty with Black Cat Rebellion, The Reanimated, and Aaron Omen tonight. Tomorrow, things get a little lighter with Lounge Soundsystem, Finer, and Glostick Willy.

The White Rabbit Cabaret hosts NOISE! tonight, where people get their pianoke on. And so should you.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater tonight, featuring Terry Lee & the Rockaboogie Band.

The regulars? Sure, they're here, too:

  • Live acoustic music at the Red Lion Gog house Saturday Night
  • Live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend long
  • Live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long



New IMN Podcast and Amps

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

I had to miss the local bassist get-together last weekend, but the photos taken by Cory Carleton prove I missed a good time. Sad. Even the amps look great, although I think I'm forgetting what it's like to play through one. The quiet practicing and practicality offered by the iPhone and iPad simulators have just been too enticing to pass up. And stuff like this makes it even easier to pass large amps and cabinets up.

And then I want to play metal again, and it all comes back to me . . .


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Is there anything more magical than First Friday in Fountain Square? The galleries, the shows, the street preachers yelling at the people going to the galleries and the shows . . . just incredible, really.

Radio Radio hosts an Aries bash with the Paul Holdman Trio, Mars or the Moon, and Front Porch Swingers tonight. Tomorrow, Bigger Than Elvis return with PK and the Big Stir.

The Vollrath goes all glam rock tonight with Kidd Comet, Hero Jr., Year of the Gun, and Skyhunter. Tomorrow, they bring in Drop Out Kid, The Founders, and Post Teens.

Big Car jumps into the record label pool feet-first with the release of the new Beat Debris record tonight (300 copies, with album covers done by local artists). Also playing are Accordions, Amo Joy, Joe Molinaro, Adam Kuhn, Vacation Club and the Yoko Ono cover band Buff Orpington.

There is no combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell in Fountain Square. This is sure to make Das Racist sad. That said, said sad sacks perform a sold-out show tonight at the White Rabbit Cabaret with Andy D and DJs Action Jackson and Gabby Love. Tomorrow, things are decidedly more low-key with Jascha and Cederwell.

Don't forget the Wheeler Art Community open house tonight, too. Food, carnival games, and DJs facing off in a Thunderdome!

And, of course, there's live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House Saturday night, along with live lounge at the Brass Ring and live jazz at Maria's Pizza all weekend long. Enjoy.