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Two-Bass Day and Fountain Square Construction

Cosmically speaking, the scheduling of these two events could have been a little better aligned. Not that I mind taking in a clinic from Stanley Clarke and a Christian McBride performance in the same day at all, but the events were only separated a few hours and a four-hour round-trip drive. Still, it was fascinating to hear Clarke talk about his playing and actually witness some exhilarating solo bass performances (on acoustic and electric). Such full-sounding pieces from a bass! At the end, he declared the bass "liberated" - it's been for some time, but it's still good to hear. Now I need to go get an acoustic, too . . .

McBride put on a clinic of his own for his second set at the Jazz Kitchen with an excellent band (minus the stranded vibes player - thanks, Southwest Airlines!). Great songs, outstanding executions, and just the right amount of soloing from all involved.

Then I drove back home, and it was a little more complicated than you might expect for the sober driver I am. Mass construction has descended on Fountain Square, so visitors, please take note of this website:

Everything is still accessible, and there's still plenty of parking. If you're worried, I'll even offer a spot behind my garage or something. Come on down.

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