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Music-making on the iPad

A fellow bassist recently told me he's getting back into recording because it's so easy on the iPad (he's using the Amplitube app I reviewed earlier), which makes a ton of sense to those raised on dealing with the infamous 4-track cassette recorder. This device performs the same function as the 4-track with none of the same quality issues or temperamental nature. And those wanting to expand on what's possible get apps as well (like the Moog Filtatron, Bloom, or any number of synths). Add in the announcement of Garageband for iPad 2 (and just that device, more than likely) and FruityLoops for iOS (coming soon), and the iPad becomes a viable musical recording device (just ask the Gorillaz).

What I want to see next is giving these devices a coherent workflow. I'm not demanding the use of plug-ins or anything (maybe my use of Record and Reason has beat that notion out of me), but the ability to route audio cleanly between apps without having to import and export would be handy. Not sure if that violates API rules or if it's even possible, but it's a direction I'd like to see explored.

And, of course, I want a good music notation system and ever-expanding live music apps, but I've written about that before. Some dreams never die.

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