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Fountain Square Music This New Year . . .

Both Radio Radio and the White Rabbit Cabaret are totally out of tickets for their NYE celebrations tonight. I suppose you could show up and beg for entry, but don't expect them to enable your procrastination.

That leaves the Big Car Bohemian New Year's Eve celebration and the Vollrath's recession-proof celebration tonight. Tomorrow, the Vollrath has Thelma and the Sleaze, Dead Birds Adore Us, and Girl Fun. Stay safe and be well.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Nuthin'. Go enjoy the holidays, and dispose of your trees properly.


New IMN Podcast(s)

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

For that matter, go ahead and take next week's episode, too. Since it's the end of the year, we did an end-of-year retrospective show so we could pack things in early and enjoy the holidays. All broad- and podcasters do this, 'cause it's the only way we get to have time off at the end of the year. Seriously - media outlets are like convenience stores in that they always have to be open, even when normal people take normal time off. There is nothing more depressing than working at a media outlet during the holidays. If you're on the news detail, nothing is happening. If you're a DJ or something like that, you can't even be sure people are listening. And the holiday programming rolls out - oh, the holiday programming. Special episodes designed to fit the season, squeeze some more sales dollars out of clients for "special events," and be easy for interns or younger board ops to run without taking the whole station down. A former life, long left behind. But still, that's why we do (or did) it. To get a little time off at the end of the year. So now you know. Happy Holidays!


iPad as Sheet Music Repository, Pt. 2

Looks like more folks are catching on to the iPad as an optimum solution for sheet music - you can clip it on a mic stand now. Not that it was too heavy for even the lightest music stand, but this does eliminate another piece of gear that needs to be tossed into the bag in moved. Add your PDF sheet music or the iRealBook and you're good to go.

And, of course, toss in an audio connection for any audio apps, and you could even control any loops or backing tracks you might want to use directly from the mic stand.

I'm really geeking out over the possibilities of touchscreen devices like this for live music. If only because the backlighting make worrying about stand lights a thing of the past.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts Big Chuck's X-mas party this very evening. Even if you don't know the kindly doorman for the venue, you're still invited to hear The Kemps, John Rambo and the Vietnam Wars, The Town Monsters, and DJ Shimmercore. Plan on pizza and photos, too. It's just that kind of party.

At the Vollrath, you can catch the alt-country sounds of Woody Pines, Cootie Crabtree, and The Peyton Brothers. Tomorrow, the Founders release their new CD in addition to performances by Emulus, Vacation Club, and Mama Dog. Things wrap up Sunday with a show featuring We Play in Traffic, The Peachtree, Kevin Crafton, and Ryan Pruett.

It's Swing Night tonight at the Fountain Square Theater, featuring a performance by the Big Swing Band.

And, at the Square Rootz Deli, Nick Ivanovich performs tomorrow night.

Finally, there's live jazz tonight at Maria's Pizza, live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House, and live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy, and stay warm.


New IMN Podcast and Other Stuff

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

This week brings my last two live performances of the week, and both take place at the Athenaeum Theater as part of the Bobdirex holiday show. Following that, I'm looking forward to taking care of some studio stuff, including the final mixes of the Playboy Psychonauts EP (set to hit various digital services in early 2011). And, of course, whatever falls out of my head while I'm taking care of that. Nothing against backing tap-dancing kids dressed as Santa, but the holiday time off means I get a chance to do something different.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio features the Public Defenders Ball tonight with Andrew Bean, Action Strasse , and Trylon and Perisphere. Tomorrow night, Henry French and the Shameless record a live album. The show also includes openers Win With Willard and Ranger.

The Vollrath presents Verseria, Kilgore Trout, Frontier, The Brokedowns, and Bread and Butter Crew tonight. Tomorrow, there's more indie rock goodness from Elephant Quiz and Midwest State of Mind.

Feel like some pianoke? Not put off by the term "pianoke" when it's really an open stage with a piano player accompanying you? Head on over to the White Rabbit Cabaret and sing your heart out!

And, of course, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight, live acoustic music at the Red Lion Grog House tomorrow, and live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy.


New IMN Podcast and Turning Your iPad into a Cassette Recorder

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

I'm a fan of a few iPad audio apps with retro appeal - like the Rebirth synth from Propellerheads and the Korg iMS-20 - but I have to shake my head a little bit at the new Tascam app for its iPad Portastudio. Complete with cassette-like transport. Really, though, the only reason it doesn't appeal to me is the lack of a decent mic to use it. That's not really Tascam's fault, though - the new iOS edition apparently reduced enough power to peripherals than good mics simply can't be used with power from the USB bus.

Well, that and the cassette interface. Recording on cassettes was not fun, and I don't want to go back there. I don't want to edit tape with razor blades anymore either, and working to keep my Model T up doesn't interest me, either.


Teach Yourself Visually Bass Guitar in Google’s eBookstore!

Forgive this bit of vanity, but the ebook version of my bass book can now be found in the Google eBookstore. In fact, it's the first thing that came up when I searched "bass guitar."

What, you don't regularly search for "bass guitar" on Google? No "bass guitar" Google Alert for you? LIAR!

In any case, it's there, it's gift-giving season for some, so consider it for your bass education pleasure. Save a tree with the ebook version!

And there are new apps for this bookstore for all major devices, so you don't have to invest in a new fancy device or anything. 'Cause you've already bought the book - why should you buy more?


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Happy First Friday!

Radio Radio returns to the blog this week with two big shows - Shelby County Sinners, Blue Collar Blue Grass, and the Innocent Boys tonight, and Bigger Than Elvis with PK and the Big Stir tomorrow.

The Vollrath presents Scales, The Pass, and Mia Riddle tonight. Tomorrow, take in SoulSik, Pragmatic, Sioum, and 7 Days Away.

Big Car Gallery features Lord of the Yum Yum and other sound artists tonight as part of their "Staircase Sectionals" exhibit.

The White Rabbit Cabaret features music from the 20s and 30s as part of their "Repeal Day Party." Come in period costume or be turned away!

For those not wishing to celebrate the return of alcohol to America, you can head over to the Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company for Englishman, Matthew Beer and Friends, Laura K. Balke Band, and Neil Kneldsen tonight.

And, of course, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza, live acoustic music tomorrow at the Red Lion Grog House, and live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!