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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio has a full weekend this weekend. Really full. Like, you can't come in to see The Weepies tonight unless you've already got tickets. So there you go. Tomorrow's Halloween party with Blue Lustre is still available, but I'd arrive early.

Tonight at the Vollrath, you can take in Loveless Root, Devault, Rotovox, and The Founders. Tomorrow, the big Halloween party includes We Are Hex, Jookaboxx, Hot Cha Cha, and DJ Liar Mouth.

The White Rabbit Cabaret has The Soft Pack and Kurt Vile tonight and Hassenpfeffer tomorrow. Right on.

Even Square Rootz Deli is getting in on the Saturday music act, presenting live tunes from Eli Beth & Dean Phelps. They join the live acoustic music at Red Lion Grog House that night. And, of course, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight and live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!

Also, just a quick reminder - Scare on the Square runs from 4 to 6 tomorrow afternoon, so little kids can eat lots of candy and vomit later. Or something like that. Isn't that how you're supposed to do it?


New IMN Podcast and Last Week of Cabaret Poe

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm. We also promise much less cursing in this episode than the last.

Also, this is the last weekend for Cabaret Poe at the Irvington Lodge, and tickets are going quite quickly for the weekend shows. So, if I may, let me offer some advice for coming out to see the show:

  • Buy tickets in advance. Seriously. We've only got so much space.
  • If you're coming on Saturday, please arrive early. Irvington goes crazy over Halloween, and parking shall be had at a premium.
  • We haven't lost an audience member yet, but there's always a first time. Keep your wits about you and your head on a swivel.

Fountain Square Music This Weekend (Plus Cabaret Poe in Irvington)

Radio Radio opens Saturday to host Holy Fuck and Indian Jewelry. My apologies for the language.

The Vollrath brings in This Holy House, Kevin Crafton, and Joel Rockey tonight. Tomorrow, more indie rock from LoveBettie, Sun Dried Truth, Zephr, Nuclear Afterparty, and the Shake-ups. Also, congrats to this fine venue, Hero Jr., and DJ Crunk for throwing a benefit to help the employees of Santorini Greek Kitchen last night. There's another one coming up at Radio Radio in November, and hopefully the restaurant will be up and running within a few weeks or so. I know they've been busy at work, and progress is moving right along.

Saturday at the White Rabbit Cabaret, Hasenpfeffer presents "The Muncie Brothers' House of Fun." I suspect a Halloween theme, and clowns scare me anyway.

The Red Lion Grog House continues their acoustic showcase tomorrow with Chris McShay and Charlie Krone. Will there be AM Gold? You should be so lucky.

And, of course, it's Swing Night in Fountain Square, and there's more live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight and lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long.

Finally, Cabaret Poe continues through Halloween at the Lodge in Irvington, and I cannot stress the importance of getting advance tickets should you wish to see the show. We only have so much room to bury people alive. Thank you, and good day.


New IMN Podcast and an Important Lesson

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Also, although I'm not sure I can endorse a parody of the videos this video does indeed parody, it does present an important lesson. Clean up your gear at the end of the show. It helps any musicians following you, and it keeps your gear intact. Plus, it keeps you safe from videos like this one. And that's a great thing to avoid on its own.


Big Bass Show Coming (Close) to Indianapolis

The Palladium up in Carmel, IN appears to have crafted a series of shows with a wide variety of music represented, none of which seems to appeal to those under 25 or so - meddling kids ruin all the good shows, anyway. However, they managed to hit a home run with their April 11, 2011 show. Not only is it a show that looks at both early- and late-period Miles Davis music, but they managed to pack both Ron Carter AND Marcus Miller on the same bill. Excellent, excellent scheduling. I'll be buying tickets as soon as possible.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio has but one show this weekend, but it's a blowout - Healing Sixes releases their new album and shares a bill with the Steepwater Band. Classic rock fans will appreciate this one greatly.

The Vollrath presents the Hidden Relic Dance Party tonight with The Pass. Tomorrow, Hosannas, Lighthouse and The Whaler, and The Perennials play indie rock. They wrap up the weekend Sunday with an acoustic night featuring Old Canes.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents Hassenpfeffer tonight. The troupe, not the dish. Leave the bunnies alone.

The Red Lion Grog House now features acoustic music on Saturday nights - check out D. Mark and Jules with Soulshine. And, of course, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight and lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long. Enjoy!

Did I mention Cabaret Poe continues on through Halloween? GO SEE IT!


The Inherent Troubles of Multiple Scheduled Events

I'm not going to complain about working - it's nice to have a gig as good as Cabaret Poe to go to for a few weeks. And if I hadn't been doing that, I'd have another show to play anyway (by the way, go see Mystikos Quintet at the Jazz Kitchen this Saturday night as part of the Broad Ripple Music Fest - I'm most likely headed over there after my gig, too). But times like this make me wish that schedules could be tweaked just a bit to make all things possible.

So, it's with heavy heart that I recommend all bassists not otherwise engaged take in the Meshell Ndegeocello show at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago this Saturday. Plus, as an added bonus (and this is the part that KILLS me), she's doing a bass workshop at 2pm. That I desperately want to go to and cannot. So go in my place and revel in the knowledge passed down for two good reasons:

  • This won't be a chops workshop (although she has them) - this will be a groove workshop, and she EXCELS there.
  • This seems to be a RARE occurrence. She's presenting material through the Funk University, but this is the first I've ever heard of her doing a live workshop.
  • Added bonus reason - her road bassist Mark Kelly will be there.

I'll be thinking of you all there while I'm playing my wonderful gig. With a slight bit of jealousy.


New IMN Podcast and Santorini Greek Kitchen Benefit

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm. By the way, they're in the middle of their fall pledge drive, so feel free to donate a little to keep this wonderful institution running.

Speaking of wonderful institutions, Santorini Greek Kitchen in Fountain Square took a huge hit this weekend when a fire closed the restaurant for what both the owners and the community hope is a few short weeks (Jeanette and Taki seem QUITE eager to get back to cleaning up and repairing the damage). The outpouring of assistance to the restaurant itself has been amazing, and the Vollrath will be hosting a benefit to help ease the burden on the employees while the place is recovering. Consider this show, then, for your evening's entertaining on October 21st. It's for a great cause, and hopefully we'll be able to come back to Santorini quite soon. Good luck, all.


Exotic Bass Porn has been posting a ton of photos from German bass show Feel The Bass, including some wonderful-looking Jens Ritter models. The rest of the photos range from vintage Fenders to this three-necked conglomeration. I'm not sure about the price, but you do have to sign an owner's agreement that this instrument will only be played in progressive-folk-symphonic-metal bands. If that's your thing, have at it. And buy a padded strap.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Oh, Steelers bye week. My mind hates the lack of football, my heart enjoys the stress-less time off. What a cruel vacation you are, truly.

In any case, Radio Radio hosts Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers and Sara Watkins tonight for an evening of folk- and country-tinged songs. So they've got that going for them.

The Vollrath goes metallic and such with Twist off Irony, ofhuman, Blue Luster, and Marc Cogman tomorrow.

The White Rabbit Cabaret presents NOISE! tonight, which almost seems like a mutant form of piano-based karaoke. Or at least performers bum-rushing the stage and saying "PLAY MY SONG!" In any case, should be fun. Enjoy.

The Stardusters play Fountain Square Theater's Swing Night, and there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight as well. Finally, there's live lounge music at the Brass Ring all weekend long.

And, please, let me take a moment to once again plug Cabaret Poe, beginning again tonight at the Irvington Lodge and running through Halloween. Take a look at the website for complete times and prices. See you there.