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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts tonight's Publisher's Bash featuring Randy King and the Last Digit tonight, for all of your 80s-era Indianapolis gonzo nostalgia needs. Tomorrow night, take in the acoustic stylings of David McMillin.

Tonight, the Vollrath brings in John Rambo & the Vietnam Wars, the Kemps, and Vacation Club. Tomorrow, it's Saints and Strangers, the Band of Beards, and Montauk Monster (presumably the band and not the creature of legend).

Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater features the Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra tonight, and there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza as well. There's also live lounge music this weekend at the Brass Ring, and Hassenpfeffer re-takes the White Rabbit Cabaret stage this evening. Have at it!


New IMN Podcast and a Gentle Fez Fest Reminder

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Also, please consider this year's Fez Fest in your weekend entertainment option. It's great music, you probably get a free fez, and it's nowhere near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's this Friday at the Melody Inn, and the whole shebang kicks off about 10pm or so. I included the poster again, but it's at a much smaller size this time, just to help avoid the annoyance that persistent badgering can engender. Thank you, and good day.


Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?

The Girls Rock Indy folks recently announced a tuition drop for their week-long camp in July - instead of $300, you can now send your budding young rock star to this wonderful event for only $200. There's ten slots for bassists, and I'm sure they'll fill up quickly. Why? There's always a gig open for bassists. Think of it as job security. Hop on this fantastic opportunity!

Here's hoping that something like the Urban Collective Project soon joins their efforts to help more kids get into music. It's amazing that more and more of these opportunities are available, and kids can link up with like-minded mentors and peers. No longer do you have to cross the street and try to convince the prog rock/jazz fusion drummer to play your stupid little punk songs, explaining all the while how it just doesn't quite work in 11/4 (true story).

I think I'm more surprised that my hometown tolerated a prog rock/jazz fusion drummer, even if he was isolated in his mother's attic.

Nevermind - just support these activities and make sure your kid is getting some music education somewhere.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

At last count, Radio Radio only had about 30 tickets left for tonight's English Beat show. Scoop them up quickly, ska kiddies. Bikers and scooter enthusiasts should consider returning for tomorrow's Ton Up Indianapolis Rockers Reunion with Bigger Than Elvis.

The Vollrath presents Wolf Ram Heart, 500 Miles to Memphis, and Records for indie rock goodness tonight. Tomorrow, different bands with similar flavor - Asa Ransom, Pravada, the Native Young, and Agent Strange.

There's live jazz at Maria's Pizza and lounge music at the Brass Ring tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, drop by Arthur's Music for their outdoor bluegrass jam. Enjoy!



The new IMN Podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

It's a good thing we taped this podcast ahead of time, because had we been taping now, I doubt I would be able to concentrate. NPR's Monitor Mix blog (written by ex-Sleater-Kinney member Carrie Brownstein) is sponsoring a new contest - a BASS SOLO contest. Clearly, this is a subject fraught with peril. As I commented on the blog entry, how do you tailor a bass solo to win a contest voted on by NPR listeners? I'm torn between the shredfest and the obligatory Bon Iver cover. Neither appeal to me, so I'm a bit at a loss.

So please, lend me your support, won't you? The contest ends on Friday, May 28th, and I'll need some lead time to prepare the recordin' (thankfully, they don't require video). Send me some ideas, offer some guidance, and we'll get this project off of the ground. How often do people ask for frickin' bass solos, anyway? LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN.


You Wanted the Fez?! YOU GOT THE FEZ!

Please find enclosed the flyer for the Friday, May 28th, 2010 edition of Fez Fest, coming to you courtesy of the Dockers, Vinyl Shriner, The Melody Inn, and those of us in the Playboy Psychonauts. Unlike a certain other band playing in Indianapolis later this summer, we promise all original members using the same identities in which we started the band. Also, we played all the parts on our (upcoming) album. So there's that. Toss in free fezzes to get you in the fezziest mood possible, and you've got the best way to end Carb Day in Indianapolis.

Not that there are carburetors anymore. They're just as non-existent as the original guitarist and drummer in a certain band playing Indianapolis later this summer.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio leans solidly local this weekend, kicking off with a trio of local singer/songwriters tonight. The eminently talented triple bill of Brian Deer, Tad Armstrong, and Tim Wilsbach kick off around 9 or so. Tomorrow, ex-pats KaiserCartel return to share the stage with Slothpop and The Academy. Finally, honorary citizen Joe Pug returns with Mandy Marie opening.

The Vollrath goes all sleaze-rock (and that's not a bad thing) tonight with the Luxury Pushers, Brothers Gross, and Barroom Angels. Tomorrow, there's a huge bill featuring Laura K Balke, Oreo Jones, Fair Fjola, and Humans. And on Sunday, take in Kid.Nap.Kin and Barefoot Engineering.

The windows of The Naptown have indeed been shuttered, unfortunately. Prime retail space with a kitchen is available, folks - hop on it.

The weirdly engaging cabaret troupe Hassenpfeffer debuts their new show this evening at the White Rabbit Cabaret. Grab a table and take in the dancing and the clowns. Probably in that order.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater this evening. And, as always, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza and some form of lounge-based entertainment at the Brass Ring. Plenty to do, so show up and stuff.


New IMN Podcast and Helping Girls Rock! Indy

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm and 10pm.

Also, even though it's not really Fountain Square-related or on the weekend, consider this a show update for a good cause. Locals Only (56th and Keystone) hosts tonight's benefit for the Girls Rock! Indy organization. Featured bands include Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes, Neon Love Live, and Sugar Moon Rabbit. Your cheapskate ass can get in for free, but you'd better drop some sizable amounts upon entry to support this more-than-worthy cause.


Low Notes For Nashville

Nashville is just now starting to clean up after all the flooding that devastated the city, and there's a ton of work to be done. And then, of course, people have to get back to the work they were doing before the flooding occurred. Which is more than a little difficult if the tools of your trade have been underwater for a few days. That hits close to home because in Nashville, those tools are usually expensive and difficult-to-replace musical instruments. Low Notes For Nashville offers assistance to musicians who have lost their instruments (and maybe everything else) and need to get back on their feet. Bassists from all over the nation are offering gear and proceeds from their music to help out, so head over there and see what you can do to help. Even if the bassists are just adding the typical 1-5 to a song, that song couldn't exist without it.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio celebrates the CD release of Prizzy Prizzy Please's new CD "Chroma Cannon" tonight. Also playing is Totally Michael, Stardeath & White Dwarfs, and Abner Trio. Saturday, take in the sounds of the Verve Pipe with opener Jim Kimsey.

The Vollrath turns the stage over to The Innocent Boys and Jamie Randolph and the Dark Horse tonight. Tomorrow, you can mosh along to Junker as they release their new CD, along with performances with Shot Baker, Red City Radio, and CMNDR.

This is normally where I'd talk about whatever is playing at The Naptown, but I'm hearing reports that they may indeed have closed for awhile. I'll update as I hear more.

There's also live jazz at Maria's Pizza and some good lounge music at The Brass Ring. Enjoy!