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Playboy Psychonauts on Facebook!

Through weird and arcane machinations I have no ability to comprehend, the Playboy Psychonauts are now finally on Facebook. Which I think means that we're caught up to 2008 now. In any case, have at it, dear friends.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend, Plus a Playboy Psychonauts Gig

First, the Playboy Psychonauts take the stage at the Melody Inn this very evening around 10 or so. These are club gigs, time is malleable, but show up around then and we'll give you a good show. New material, the whole bit. How's that for a sales pitch?

Radio Radio jams it out tonight with Midwest Hype, Red Moon, and Post Script tonight. Enjoy your tasty grooves.

The Vollrath crams five bands (those bands being Goliathon, Dudes of Lord, Doc Brown, High Tide Trio, and OMNIFI) onstage tonight. Tomorrow, they spread out a bit with Shadeland and A Thieves Parade.

Naptown Juice has Joe tonight (no, not that Joe, another Joe) and Mr. Take It Easy tomorrow.

And, as always, there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza. Think I'll stop by there before tonight's Mel show. 'Cause I like pizza and jazz and stuff. Enjoy!


New IMN Podcast, and more Fountain Square love . . .

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2, Thursdays at 4pm.

The local edition of Metromix provided a guided tour through a night in Fountain Square this week, and it hits some good spots that I highly recommend. However, please don't forget that Arthur's Music and the comic book store aren't open at night, so you might want to drop by a little earlier to drop the little ones off for some music lessons and pick up some prime reading material. Or get some lunch, too. Really, it's not that I don't want Fountain Square to blossom as a late-night destination of choice - when you sport Peppy's Grill, it's your destiny to host those who do, indeed, go on and on 'til the break of dawn. And I love love LOVE being able to walk to music gigs down here. It's just okay if we see you in the morning, too.

And speaking of that, a lovely neighbor of mine pointed me towards these artist's renderings of what's on tap for the Fountain Square area itself - gawd, that's gorgeous. I can see this becoming a destination for adventurous buskers, and good for them. The only representation so far has been the saxophonist moonlighting as a human sign for the tax place down the road. He sounded good, but the Lady Liberty costume kept getting in the way. Come on back and play for real, sir.


Bass Tone

Doug Wimbish made a big impression on me when he talked about having already done the P-bass through an Ampeg B-15 sound on sessions, and now he was moving on to something newer and more modern. However, that's exactly what the recording I did this weekend called for, and so that's what I did. The modern tones can wait for something else, like maybe February Album Writing Month. If any participants out there need some bass lines, let me know.

The Jazz bass is still in the shop for the new Nordstrand pickups, so I'm not sure how it sounds just yet. I found these samples on the Youtubes that come from a remarkably similar bass, so if it comes out sounding like this, I'll be okay with it.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Why, hello, Radio Radio! We've missed you the past few weeks. And what a welcome back it is - Firey Furnaces and Drug Rug tonight and Webb Wilder with the Rastabilly Rebels Saturday. Slow down - don't try to pack it all in the first week.

The Vollrath has Kate Myers, Jascha, A Lull, and Mia Riddle. Tomorrow, look for Lovely Houses, Reno Bo (of the Mooney Suzuki), and Holy Ghost Canyon. Sunday, I imagine they'll be shutting down like the rest of Indianapolis for the Colts game.

There is most definitely music tonight at the Naptown Juice Restaurant and Wine Bar, and it is most definitely Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater. I can also state with certainty that were you to stroll into Maria's Pizza this very evening, you would hear live jazz. So there you go. Enjoy.


Apple’s iCloud

A bunch of sources point to Apple releasing a cloud-based music service in conjunction with their established iTunes store. Not only would you get the streaming tracks, but you'd also get the ability to back up your music library to "the cloud" and listen from Internet-enabled devices.

This has been tried already, of course, by The results were brutal lawsuits and a shutdown of the "music locker" service. But times have changed, different companies have felt financial downturns that make this seem like a better option, and now the possibility is there to make it happen. Like Spotify and MOG have already made it happen. Although not as well as they could have - Spotify is Europe-only at this point, and I personally let my subscription to MOG lapse because I was a little frustrated by incomplete listing of albums (although the overall selection was pretty good).

So it's not like Apple is breaking any ground here. It's just that the ground has shifted under the music industry and the technology has finally caught up. If they're going to back up my entire library and make it available to me, wonderful. How much is it going to cost, and what will you do with the tracks I ripped from CD? Otherwise, there's Simplify. The task here isn't breaking new ground - it's making what's available work easily.

I do like what's available for indie artists now, though. Tunecore + iTunes streaming = trackable plays and maybe some royalties out of the whole thing. Very streamlined and effective. I wonder what the cut will be?


New IMN Podcast and Low-end Surgery

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm.

My Jazz bass is currently undergoing some surgery - nothing major or life-threatening, just a little elective cosmetic enhancement. Said procedure merely involves a couple split-coil Nordstrand pickups, which I'm hoping lets me use some different volume level combinations without getting the 60-cycle hum common to the stock pickups. The bass comes back in a few days, so I'll have more reactions and maybe some sound samples then.


Some Great Sounds from Bass Day . . .

Was it great hearing a mass bass ensemble rendition of "Can't Help Falling In Love" Saturday during Bass Day? Indeed it was. Twenty or so double basses working out the parts took some effort, but it turned out pretty good. It was also nice to hear electric bass brought up during one of the master classes and not be immediately dismissed or denigrated. In fact, the clinician used it as an example of the kind of tone she wanted to hear from another part of her piece. It's a far cry from when I carried a double bass (which I was thoroughly wretched at, by the way) down the hall of a music school and was congratulated for finally playing a "real" instrument. Make no mistake, this day was dedicated to orchestral upright bass players, but the inclusion was still a nice touch. Plus, what I heard was probably nothing compared to the guy who made the viol de gamba presentation.

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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

The Vollrath presents Nightjar, Waldemere Revival, Slithering Beast, and Saints and Strangers for a night of Americana, folk, rock, and such. Tomorrow night, it's a stiffer shot of hard rock from the Holland Account, Kramus, and Losing September.

Radio Radio is still off this weekend. Next week, kids, next week.

I'm assuming Naptown Juice Restaurant and Wine Bar will keep the acoustic music going this weekend, and I assuming Maria's Pizza will do the same for their Friday night jazz showcase. And there's sure to be some musical happenings going on at the Brass Ring, so enjoy that.

Oh, I almost forgot - renowned folk artist Ellis Paul plays tomorrow night at the Wheeler Art Center, courtesy of the Indy Acoustic Cafe series. They only do these shows once in a while, and Mr. Paul is a big enough name to bring in a big enough crowd. I think tickets are still available, so head on over and enjoy the music.


The New IMN Podcast is Up

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm. It contains an all-bass version of "Amazing Grace!" Why would you NOT listen to that?

In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be right over there reading Tony Levin's book. Can't wait to apply the lessons learned about odd-meter Chapman Stick playing to my alt-country rehearsal this very evening.