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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio has a special pre-Halloween show tonight with Mardelay, Andy D, and the John Stockton Project.

The Vollrath has Blane Fonda, Glass Halo, Soundsin, and Kevin Mohl tonight. Tomorrow night, there's either a dance night called Exorcism or they're actually performing an exorcism at the bar. I can't tell which, but either way there should be some form of entertainment.

The Fountain Square Theater presents "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" tomorrow night - two whole screenings starting at 10:30pm. So have fun with that.

And finally, there's live jazz this weekend at Maria's Pizza and live acoustic music at Deano's Vino the very same weekend. Enjoy.


New IMN Podcast Is Up, and the Foul Malaise

The new IMN podcast is ready - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm.

And yes, I see you over there, Bass Blogger. Even as I blog on a blog about basses, I see you over there with your great sound and terrible name. You're sitting right next to the pickup I need to have installed in the Stingray. Just think of the wonderful tones I can make in studio or on stage once your wires have merged gracefully with the inner workings of my 5-string! Such silky, smooth sounds I would wring out of you, had I the energy to pry myself out of bed and get over to my office. Oh sure, I managed a little playing today after days of feverish inactivity. While I had some interesting dreams about people building houses in my head (and then coming up with some odd lease agreements), this calamitous malady hasn't allowed me much time and effort to do some actual music-making. Thus, my boomsticks lie idle, waiting for whatever disease has stricken me to loosen its grip and . . . let me get out of town for a bit. Great. I hope they have good music stores in the Pacific Northwest. I'm jonesing, and I have some work to do when I get back.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts the Public Defender's Ball tonight, with all proceeds going to help Marion County Public Defenders. Saturday, they bring in Born Again Floozies and Jared Thompson & Premium Blend.

The Vollrath hosts a hip-hop event tonight with Brad Real, Saint Recon, Twin Monster, and TJ Reynolds. Tomorrow, you can see Backyard Tire Fire, Jascha, and Shelby Kelly.

There's live acoustic music at Deano's this weekend, live jazz at Maria's Pizza, and the Fountain Square Theater hosts Swing Night tonight. Enjoy.


New IMN Podcast Is Up, and Fuzzed Out

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm.

When I was trying out the Bass Blogger (still a great-sounding pedal with an unfortunate name), I managed to at least test it with a Jazz bass similar to mine, but the only tester amp they had was a monster Aguilar that doesn't really sound the same as my Trace Elliot or Ampeg B-15. Since I've gotten it home, though, I've run it with all of the basses, and I'm still surprised how much low end the pedal retains, even when the distortion is cranked to a ridiculous level. And when should it NOT be cranked to a ridiculous level, really? I doubt there's much room for this sound in the Warner Gear, but I'm thinking it can work it in here and there with the Playboy Psychonauts.

I'm going to have to get a pedalboard now. More fun stuff to carry.


Notes on the Bass-cation

Last weekend in Chicago provided some fruitful bass moments, including the following instances:

  • A fantastic show from Mehsell Ndegeocello - The Old Town School of Folk Music was a wonderfully intimate venue for the show, and Ndegeocello responded with some amazing songs. Highlights included a delicate bass-and-guitar reading of "Talk To Me" from her debut album, her covers of "Dirty Mind" and "Love You Down," and aggressive takes on material from her new album "Devil's Halo." I caught the second of two sets, and I can only think the first set warmed her band up for an exceptional second effort.
  • A magnificently brutal show from Mastodon and Dethklok at the Aragon Ballroom - The bands seemed to respond to that night's videotaping of the shows to put on a singular display of force and precision. Mastodon played their latest album front to back and then tossed in some of their later material. Dethklok balanced their songs with the requisite animated skits to create a multi-layered experience. It was metal that was at once expertly played and self-aware of some of the cliches in the genre. They didn't take it too seriously - they just went out and played it well.
  • The purchases of a new Bass Blogger distortion pedal and a Nordstrand MusicMan pickup - The pedal has an unfortunate name, but I can't argue with the fuzz sound I get out of it. And I'll report back on the pickup once it's installed in my Stingray, but I'm looking forward to some really good things. Bass Club Chicago was a great host and let me try a few pedals before deciding the Bass Blogger was the pedal for me. Thanks, folks!
  • Not quite a bass moment, but the Propellerheads Producer's Conference was a good time and a valuable way to pick up some tricks and tips on using Record.

Aside from a creepy hotel, the whole trip was a smashing success. Now to get back to playing with the new toys.


This weekend . . .

There's plenty of great music happening at the Vollrath, Deano's Vino, and Maria's Pizza this weekend. Radio Radio is idle until Tuesday, though. And I highly encourage you to check out tonight's Johnny Socko reunion at the Vogue right here in Indy. They are a force of nature, and that show kicks off his weekend's Broad Ripple Music Fest. The only thin making me miss it is my Chicago bass-cation, featuring shows from Meshell Ndegeocello and the Mastodon/Dethklok double bill. Pray I survive the latter.


New Podcast Is Up, and Propellerhead Producers Conference

The new IMN podcast is up - download it or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2 Thursdays at 4pm.

So this weekend is supposed to be a "bass-cation" for me - concerts in Chicago from Meshell Ndegeocello and Mastodon/Dethklok, with a visit to Dusty Groove and Bass Club Chicago inbetween. Just found out, however, that Propellerheads is throwing a Producer's conference this Saturday as well, and it could fit well into my schedule. Have any readers been to one of these before, and can you tell me if it's worth the time and effort? It's going to be a busy weekend in any case, but this looks like it could be a lot of fun.


Classic Arcade Bass Porn

The-ultimate-in-bass-guitarsWhat makes these basses so attractive?

Is it the 11 strings? The matching wood pickup covers? The individual saddles on the bridge? The fanned fret layout?

No, it's the tributes to Joust and Pac-man. Just genius, that is.

Check out the inlays on the fretboards and the custom Pac-man knobs. Excellent attention to detail.

And yes, the 11 strings and fanned frets make the basses pretty attractive, too. But how many remind you of some of the most classic video games of all time? Just these two, really.


Most Certainly Not Bass Porn

Feel like giving more money to Gene Simmons? Most KISS stops across the country still have availabilities for you to purchase a $5000 Gene Simmons Axe Bass and get a meeting with the man himself thrown in for good measure. The bass? Well . . . it looks like an axe. And it appears to be a custom-made job of specially selected wood, which Simmons is more than happy to compare to a Stradivarius violin:

Q: Can you explain why this matters?
Simmons: “Sure. Take a Stradivarius violin. Each one is worth millions of dollars. These violins were made from wood that’s only found in the Black Forest of Germany during a time where there was so much moisture and warmth in the air. The wood was of better quality and resonated more when it was played. It’s the same thing with the AxeBass and the wood I personally chose from the Far East. The moisture and warmth makes for an instrument that defies expectations. Some people might not know that the cheaper guitars on the market are created in two pieces. Most guitars are made when the body piece and the neckpiece are connected with a bolt or glue. My guitar is made in one piece – one piece of wood. It sounds cooler and louder than anything else out there.”

I wonder if Simmons consulted the studio musicians hired to ghost for him for their input on the issue, too? No matter - if you're a KISS fan with the cash to spare, this is your chance to make it work for you. If you're not a KISS fan, it doesn't matter to you anyway. Either way, enjoy.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio brings in Girl In A Coma, Black Gold and Throwing Stars tonight. Tomorrow is the Corporate Rock-Off, where business folks of all persuasions compete for their favorite charities and sweet, sweet bragging rights. Finally, Sunday features Elizabeth and the Catapult with Christina Courtin.

The Vollrath features Deadbeats, I Need Sleep, and The Interiors tonight. Subversion dance night takes place tomorrow, and Me And My Arrow, Embraceables, and Slothpop trundle in on Sunday.

There's live acoustic music at Deano's Friday and Saturday, and Maria's Pizza has live jazz tonight and tomorrow as well. Finally, it's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater, so enjoy that.