New IMN Podcast is Up, and Getting Online Radio On The Go

The new IMN podcast is up – download it here or listen at the site or on WFYI Thursdays at 4pm.

If you’ve got an iPhone, I can heartily recommend getting the NPR app to go along with it, primarily because it gives you an easy connection to WFYI HD2 over a 3G or wi-fi network wherever you are. Pair that with the WOXY app and various, Pandora, and other services, and it’s like having a portable radio that can pick up all manner of stations from across the world. As long as the battery lasts, that is. Gotta work on that. Still, I’m loving these apps and the accessibility. Toss in Simplify or another remote media access program, and all you’ll ever need is a portable media device and a good pair of headphones.

Maybe an extra battery pack.

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