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The Most Ever Paid For A Sears Bass Guitar

It helps that it was once played by Kurt Cobain, I suppose. I'm guessing that this is the only time the term "provenance" has ever been used in conjunction with a Sears bass guitar, though I'm not accepting bets on this.

Ten years ago, this probably would have ended up in a Hard Rock Cafe somewhere. Neither Christie's nor the article specified a buyer, so I assume it's off to a private collection somewhere, where it will no doubt sit unplayed while somebody points at it and recounts the history behind it.

Kind of a waste, even for a Sears bass guitar with a story. Frank Zappa had a guitar set on fire by Jimi Hendrix, and he played it.

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Michael Jackson Bass Trio Tribute

From the wonderful new bass info source No Treble, it's a jazz bass trio paying tribute to "Beat It." Enjoy. It's a small reminder of some of the great work that players like Louis Johnson and Freddie Washington did with Michael Jackson's bass lines. The public may not know the players' names right of hand, but the lines are instantly memorable.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

It's a busy weekend for Radio Radio - they host the entertainment for the Scooter Rally tomorrow night (with Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes as well as Bigger Than Elvis), and they bring in Jonathan Richman and Vic Chestnutt on Sunday evening.

Deano's Vino presents the Shirtless Biddles' CD release part tonight. Babs Randall performs tomorrow.

The Vollrath has the Strange Eons tonight. The Jai Alai Savant hits the stage tomorrow.

The Fountain Square Theater presents Swing Night with The Stardusters tonight, and there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza. Enjoy.


Break Glass In Case of Forgetfulness, and the New IMN Podcast

Last Friday, I actually forgot to bring a power cable for my amp to the show. First time ever, and I could have sworn that I'd packed at least one. Even the last-ditch spare I usually carry in my trunk was gone. There was still plenty of time to run home and get one, but the venue had a spare in a tool box and spared me a drive of shame. Not that it's the venue's job to keep supplies around for forgetful musicians, but this incident got me thinking that keeping a few common items around the club isn't a bad idea, such as:

  • The aforementioned power cable
  • A guitar cable or two
  • A speaker cable or two
  • More than enough power strips and extension cords

It puts a little pressure on the venue to make sure these items come back at the end of the night, but it can certainly keep the night moving along quickly. And surely a forgetful musician will leave some of these items behind, too.

The new IMN podcast is up, too. Download it here or listen at the site or on WFYI.


Cincinnati Bass Blast

Looks like there's going to be a rather large gathering of bassists in Cincinnati in a few weeks, and it might have to show up on my calendar. The performers look interesting, and I'm still kicking myself for missing Doug Johns when he rolled through Indy a few months ago.

In the meantime, I've got enough notes and practice tips from my lesson with Bryan Beller and the Lebowski show this past weekend to keep me busy for a bit. My schedule needs quite a bit more practice time.

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The Playboy Psychonauts in the Indianapolis Star

If you will, take a quick look at the world music article in Sunday's Indianapolis Star - the paper version is off the stands by now, but the online copy lives on in its full glory. In addition to the written word, Dave Lindquist also put together a nicely edited video presentation that shows off a bit of performance and interview. We filmed at the Indy Star building, and I'm not quite sure the doorman knew what to make of the three guys in fezzes and smoking jackets heading for the elevator with weird props and equipment. He was significanly more interested once Betty and Veronica arrived.

The article also mentions the fine work of Il Troubadore, Sharlene Boodram and Mumbai Taxi - head on over there for some video and words on them as well.

Finally, said piece also mentions our next show (July 2nd at the Upper Room), just so you know. Enjoy.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

No music at Big Car Gallery this weekend, but they are showing some vintage sci-fi movies in a supporter's back yard - check the website for more information.

Deano's Vino has Ann McWilliams tonight and the Last Drop Jug Band tomorrow.

The Vollrath Tavern presents "I Like To Party!" tonight - it's a DJ night, and I think the name says it all. The Rural Alberta Advantage takes the stage Saturday.

And there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza tonight. Enjoy.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Big Lebowski Appreciation Night taking place this very evening, beginning 'round 10 at the Melody Inn:

  • The Creedence (CCR tribute band I'm playing bass for)
  • The Playbot Psychonauts (Yep, playing bass for them, too)
  • Door prizes. I'll play bass for you, too, if you win.

New IMN Podcast Is Up, and The New iPhone Voice Memo

voice-memosThe new IMN podcast is up - download it here or listen at the site or on WFYI HD2.

I've been playing with the new Voice Memo app on the iPhone, as seen to the left. It's not going to replace the M-Audio digital recorder I used for the podcasts any time soon, but I got a little kick out of the VU meter at the bottom that actually moves depending on the audio volume. It's not all that accurate or anything, but the old-fashioned meter was enjoyable to see. It's a nice break from the red/yellow/green light meters or blinking LEDs used prominently now.

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Fun Fact

Phil Chen, the bassist behind Jeff Beck's "Loaded" and many, many other recordings, hasn't changed his strings in 45 years.

Or so.  I'm sure you could give or take a year on that and get the same results.

So why do I want to change strings (at $25 or so a pop) before every gig?

The urge is usually controlled and stifled with a minimum of effort, but not today. The Stingray got a fresh set and a little truss rod adjustment, all for the gig on Wednesday.

'Cause Creedence Clearwater Revival needs a ringy, piano-toned bass tone on their songs.


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Fountain Square Music This Weekend, and the New IMN Podcast Is Up

Radio Radio is quite busy this weekend, wonderfully blending the out-of-town acts with select local folks. Tonight, you can see Michelle Malone with Cuba and the Here Now (three acts total). Tomorrow, look for the Rosewood Thieves, Everything, Now! and the reunion of BigBigCar.

The Vollrath Tavern hosts the Italian Fest afterparty with Jascha tonight. Tomorrow, they've got Wyldlife and Records.

Deano's Vino has Jason Hathaway tonight - Jethro Easyfields and the Arrowheads stop by tomorrow.

The Fountain Square Theater has the Twilight Nights Dance Orchestra tonight for Swing Night, and there's live jazz at Maria's Pizza.

Also, there's the matter of the new IMN podcast. Download it now and listen in good health. You can get it directly from the source, or you can listen at the site or on WFYI.