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As long as I’m offering some advice to musicians and venues . . .

My last post brought to mind this list that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I'll reprint the list here in case you aren't using Facebook (not sure if it will appear if you don't have an account), but the rest of this all belongs to Jason Hendrickson:

1. Tip your sound man BEFORE you go onstage. Payola works!
2. Never have more effects than you can fit in one carry-on suitcase.
3. Never eat gas station hot dogs while touring in a van with 4 other people.
4. Even though you might be sick of a song, look or logo, the audience hasn't heard or seen it yet. Make it consistently good.
5. If you carry things with sliders, knobs and wires in your carry-on, you WILL get stopped at airport security. Prepare for the extra time at the checkpoint.
6. Drink AFTER you've played.
7. Wipe your strings down after you play or your fingers will be cut to ribbons the next time.
8. Blood does not necessarily affect the tone of a guitar string while it's in the middle of a song.
9. Always make sure your amp is grounded before your lips get anywhere near a microphone.
10. No matter how funny you think you are, the audience doesn't necessarily want to hear it. (refer to #6)
11. Finger calluses can be reattached with superglue.
12. Look at the audience. They want interaction, not a display.
13. Wear earplugs. You can actually hear yourself better with them in. And you won't go deaf later on (I'm learning this the hard way.)
14. These people you're onstage with are your family. Brothers, & Sisters. They know more about you than almost anyone else, and you about them. Treat them well. You can't do it alone.
15. Never trash-talk another band. Someone ALWAYS knows them.
16. Interactions with "industry" people at an otherwise pleasant party should be considered long-term negotiation.
17. Hearing your music on the radio/TV/Internet for other people to enjoy is one of the best feelings.
18. The backbone of the song has to be there before the hook can work.
19. Cherish any fans you have. Sign autographs, sell CDs & T-shirts. They promote you better than you could ever do.
20. Never put more words into a lyric than your lips and tongue are capable of producing after a few drinks.
21. Never stop making music. Pausing for a while is okay, but, it's going to start itching in the back of your brain before long. It's best to let that caged monkey loose.
22. Smile. It's supposed to be fun, right? If you're not enjoying it, neither will the audience.
23. If you make a mistake, keep going. Nobody but you and a few people noticed. If it was THAT noticeable, make a show of it. Play to your strengths.
24. Even if the band beer is free, tip your bartender (more than usual, as well.)
25. Making it work involves more work than working at a day job.