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Sam’s Saloon Closes For Now

My weekend update of Fountain Square musical happenings will look a little lighter in the weeks to come. Unfortunately, Sam's Saloon has been forced to close its doors due to the prevailing economic conditions. Both musicians and fans will be missing the opportunity to play the venue, and there's no time table for if/when they might return. It's rough times right now for everybody that plays music. Here's hoping that conditions improve soon - it's not easy, even in the good times, to do well playing or showcasing music when you're booking at a local level.

Not that it can't be done, but this is where people have to exercise some creative thinking. It's time to look for new venues and new instances to play music, and it's also time to make yourself as easy to book as possible. That doesn't mean giving up the money you should be earning, but it does mean having your arguments together for convincing potential venues and acting like a professional at all times. That last part applies to musicians and venues alike, by the way.