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Fountain Square Music This Weekend and new IMN Podcast

It's First Friday this weekend, so there's plenty going on in Fountain Square. Couple that with the warmer temperatures, and you should have hordes of people making their way through the district. You should also find plenty of slush puddles and other unholy conglomerations of snow, ice and dirty water. Walk around it, and please accept my apologies.

Big Car Gallery has Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes, Ayawasca and Sam Eakin and the Awkwards tonight as part of their Two States, One Cup exhibit. I'm more than a little scared. Of the art, that is. The music sounds great.

Radio Radio opens tomorrow for the monthly appearance by Bigger Than Elvis.

Sam's Saloon brings in The Rockit King, Save The Radio and The Dead Records tonight. Steal This Release Promotions takes over Saturday night to feature IDK, The 12 O'Clock Flashers, and Vestiges of Ecstasy.

Deano's Vino has The Travelin' Hillbillies tonight, and Wilson and Company play tomorrow.

Also, there's a new IMN podcast up - download it here or listen at the site or WFYI HD2. Sorry this is late - I've been a bit busy.