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What a great gig . . .

In all of the excitement over the Steelers 6th Super Bowl victory Sunday, I forgot to take note of one impression that hit me during the halftime show.  Well, two impressions.  First, I'm glad that I never became a cameraman and therefore avoided any traumatic collision with Bruce Springsteen's groin.  Second, Garry Tallent has a great gig, and what a wonderful thing that is to have.  He's not the most celebrated member of the E Street Band, but he's always played a vital and driving role in the music with some fantastic bass lines.  Live or in the studio, it always fits in so well, and the best songs feature his work prominently at some point.  What a ride to take.  Even without the success that comes along with it, I think that his work is something any bassist would aspire to.  Nice work, Garry.