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Pass the oxygen mask, James.

I've seen the Steelers win Super Bowls.  I've seen them lose one.  I much prefer the former.  And that's why last night went pretty well, barring the heart-stopping, last-minute heroics.  Perhaps it was the anticipation, perhaps it was the extraordinarily spicy chili.  There really isn't any way to be sure.  Nevertheless, this makes the long, boring off-season that much easier to tolerate.

Also, a quick tip: replacing the slow-blow fuse in a combo amp can make a huge difference in an amp's function.  The challenge is trying to match the fuse without documentation or manuals.  My particular Trace Elliot combo is no longer in production, and the company isn't even the same company.  Fun stuff.  I finally found one that worked, and my amp was back up to the normal "Don't-turn-it-beyond-2-if-you-want-your-house-to-live" volume.

Finally, I started a full-time writing job today, so I'm looking forward to spending that much more time in front of the keyboard.