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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

I'm sure there will be music.  If we can dig it out from underneath the snow.  The main roads are clear in my fair district, but some of the side streets and alleys (where all the good stuff happens anyway) remain snowbound and only semi-passable.  At least in my chosen mode of transportation.  The bulldog only has to navigate around the backyard, though, and has managed to do so with several successful romps and eaten clumps of snow.

Anyway, here's the music:

Sam's Saloon has ATHENS!, The Humans and Pigtail Crooks this evening.  In a make-up date from the Frozen Pipes Incident, they bring back Nidus, Freddie T. and the People, The Coke Dares and A Caesar Holiday on Saturday.

Deano's Vino has the Shirtless Biddles tonight and Sour Mash tomorrow.

And there you go.  Back to the shovel.


New IMN Podcast of the Snowbound Variety

The new IMN podcast is up - download it here or listen at the site or on WFYI.

Otherwise, I've been buried by snow and some extraordinary flu-like symptoms.  I'd been hoping to record some tracks for a project this week, but I spent the snow day incapacitated and unable to do so.  It's also definitely not the way to make the run up to the Steelers' 7th appearance in the Super Bowl.  I can only hope to be in form for the game and associated chili-based activities.


More Free Time!

And I suppose that's both good and bad. I managed to finish my share of the new Google Small Business All-In-One For Dummies book today (on deadline!), so I'm moving from the writing phase to the review phase. It's not as easy to schedule, but I can usually make it through revisions without too much problem or frustration. I hope I can say the same for the editors.

I'm also finding a lot of free time in my schedule due to the reorganization at the American Cabaret Theater. These cuts not only mean that some talented people are out of work, but also that the production we were supposed to start rehearsing Sunday won't be getting off the ground. It's too bad, 'cause the song list looked great and there were some extremely good singers on board. I'm definitely going to miss playing at the theater, even if I did manage to break a piece of gear every time I played there. It was a great place, and I always worked with wonderful performers.

The only bright light to come out of this is that I don't have to worry about getting done in time to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I think I'd like the chance to make the mad dash, though. Go Steelers!


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Sam's Saloon presents metal in the form of Gash Hound, Pulse 8 and Cadavery Spasm tonight. Tomorrow night, the lineup includes The Founders, Punch To The Face and The Dead Pinups.

Big Car Gallery hosts Lovely Houses, Shelby Kelly, Chad Mills and Owen Nicolas tomorrow night.

It's Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater with the Blue Skies Swing Orchestra tonight, and there's lower-key jazz music at Maria's Pizza. Deano's Vino also features acoustic music this evening from New Augusta. Andrew Rosborough plays Saturday night.

Rehearsal starts this Sunday for the new gospel music production at the American Cabaret Theater. I'm looking forward to this one, both for some of the material and to try out the new amp on a gig.


New Podcast Up

The new podcast is up - listen here or listen on the site or WFYI.

This episode is heavy on the local acts - not that they're not deserving of the attention, but there just weren't a lot of national acts coming through this week. That's a strike against the "dumb musician" stereotype. Would you rather route your tour through the southern states in January or come here and experience our -12 degree wind chill?


Flea Bass

The comment on this post and the latest issue of Bass Player magazine brought it to my attention that Flea is bringing the One Laptop Per Child spirit to bass guitar with his new Flea bass. The idea is that beginning players get quality instruments set up by hand and ready to play instead of taking the risks of sub-par budget basses.

It's a fantastic idea for a few reasons:

  • Getting quality instruments into the hands of beginners means they'll be getting better tone and feel earlier in their learning process, encouraging them to progress.
  • No matter what you think of Flea's style, he has attracted a great deal of attention to the bass.  Those people tend to be hyperkinetic slappers, but they'll calm down after a bit.
  • It's got "junior" and full-size models available, so everybody gets a fair shot.
  • Y0u can buy two Flea basses for one Sting Fender Precision signature model.

Toss in a gig bag and a Flea instructional bass, and you've got a decent deal.  Throw in a pair of sunglasses, and the colors are a little less . . . intense.  Overall, a great idea.


Right spirit, wrong choice

So I suppose it's a good thing that Sting gave up a bass for a children's music program. Music education is music education, and that support is great. And it's going to help another bassist, so that's cool.

Still, couldn't he have coughed up the lute instead? Just to get it out of his hands? Please?


Well, it did say weird bass guitars . . .

strange_guitar_10I'm just not sure why this particular model of bass guitar pops up while I'm searching once again for bass guitars with the Pittsburgh Steelers logo on them. Instead, I get this 5-string piranha-shaped lucite model. It's a striking bass visually, to be sure, and I'm sure I could draw a metaphor between the referenced animal and the swarming doom represented by the Steelers defense, but somehow it's just not the same.

By the way, the new dog slept through the entire game, even the exciting interception return for a TD and all of the jarring tackles and blocks. On one hand, I think he should have been awake for it. On the other hand, he didn't want to be walked or let out the entire time the game was on, either. So I'll call it a small victory, and we'll move on to the Super Bowl from there. Nice work, Marty.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio hosts a farewell to George W. party this Saturday with Born Again Floozies, Jane Jensen with ESW, and political commentary provided by puppets. That's a party, y'all.

Sam's Saloon has the Woodbox Gang this very evening. Freddie T. and the People, Yuki, the Coke Dares and Nidus play tomorrow. I expect the Coke Dares to set a new land-speed record by playing 70 songs in 20 minutes.

Deano's Vino has re-opened and will undoubtedly feature some form of acoustic music tonight. And Maria's Pizza is still advertising live jazz on Friday nights.


Sunday is going to be a big day

We found out last week that we're going to be taking in a rescue bulldog named Marty this Sunday. He's a four-year-old healthy male, and he was quite exuberant when we first met him. I'm going to have to keep him calm while we watch Sunday evening's Steelers/Ravens matchup. He has to learn early, after all.

It was also supposed to be the first rehearsal for the upcoming ACT gospel show, but we've been pushed back a week. It's good in a way, 'cause I'll have a little more time at home to get Marty acclimated. And to see how he reacts to loud, bass-oriented noises. We never had to worry about it with Sadie - a deaf dog is sometimes a musician's best friend.

Finally, the new IMN podcast is up. Download it here or listen at the site or WFYI.