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Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Sam's Saloon has Schmegma, Evil 10 Submission, and Gash Hound on stage Saturday night for what promises to be loud and metallic entertainment. Charming names, boys.

Deano's Vino has TenFoot Band tonight and the Last Drop Juggers tomorrow. Expect it to be quieter than Sam's Saloon. That's not a qualitative judgment, mind you - I merely speak in terms of decibels.


New Expanded IMN Podcast!

The new episode of the IMN podcast is up - download it here or listen at the site.

Or, in the future, tune in to the HD2 channel of WFYI's broadcast signal.  We're joining the lineup for their new channel later this fall, so we're tightening up the show a bit in preparation.  Let me know what you think.

For those keeping score, that's the podcast itself plus broadcasts on Purdue student radio and HD public radio here in Indy.  I'm sure a huge media network is only days away, really.

EDIT:  The first broadcast takes place today at 4pm - listen on your HD radio or at WFYI's homepage!


Best Wishes to Wayman Tisdale

The most recent issue of Bass Player magazine has a feature article on Wayman Tisdale and his celebrated smooth jazz career following his time in the NBA (including several great years right here in Indianapolis).  It also mentioned his recovery from bone cancer, and he mentioned everything seemed to be fine now.  Unfortunately, there seems to have been a minor setback, and Tisdale recently had part of his leg removed in order to combat the disease.  Tisdale maintains a decent touring and recording schedule, so here's hoping he makes a speedy recovery and can get back to playing what he loves.


A Better Motownphilly?

The only problem with this article was that it put a subpar Boyz II Men song in my head.  Otherwise, I loved the fact that the Detroit Free Press took some time off from their mayoral hijinks to highlight some of the great contributions bassists from both Detroit and Philadelphia have made to jazz and popular music.  It's nothing fans haven't read before, but it's still much-due recognition.

Coincidentally, I was listening to Philly product Stanley Clarke's new project with Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten today.  "SMV" sounds like . . . well, Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten joining in on a Marcus Miller-produced album, which is exactly how it's billed on the album.  Fans will know exactly what they're getting into, and I don't see much of a market outside of that, honestly.  Still, decent listening.

Now I have to go pound my head with something until that Boyz II Men song leaves.


More Portable Software Thoughts

I spent a little time working with iZotope's iDrum (the hip-hop edition - I am not a club kid) this weekend, and it gets decent marks from me.  It's still not up to "live" performance level (which makes me rethink my initial objections to BeatMaker), but it is a handy drum machine application.  My only complaints are that the kits don't come with a blank slate (you have to go in and edit pre-created beats or save the kits under another name and edit those) and there's no real export function.  The samples are passable, though, and the interface is easy enough to deal with once you get used to it.

It also makes a handy metronome, if nothing else.  I'm not sure why metronomes and "guitar toolboxes" with tuning notes, chord charts, etc. are the first thing to pop up in portable devices (a grand tradition started with the Palm series), but they're always the first thing listed when I look up music apps.  A couple of bucks more, and you've got something with a little more variety and usefulness.  Just a changeable sample alone is worth the price; metronomes are valuable tools, but the makers still use an annoying click or beep instead of something more aurally satisfactory.  And it beats the cheap standalone I had to buy for the bass book photo shoot last year.

Sidenote:  This weekend's Zombiefest at Key Cinemas was a joy to attend.  My colleagues and I weren't able to stay through the bitter end, but we took in the majority of the films with zeal and gusto.


Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio only has one show this weekend, but it's a good one -rockabilly legend Sleepy LaBeef with opening act Mandy Marie & The Cool Hand Lukes tonight.

Sam's Saloon also has a sizable show this evening, featuring Black Diamond Heavies(TN), The Wisebloods, Shelby Kelley, and Scotty Lust. Peewee Moore & The Awful Dreadful Snakes and Will Stockwell (one of the best voices Indianapolis has to offer) play tomorrow.

Deano's Vino hosts the Shirtless Biddles tonight and the Circle City Bluegrass Band tomorrow. The Tim Brickley Quintet plays Swing Night at the Fountain Square Theater this evening.

And, in a show that neatly ties in Fountain Square and shameless self-promotion, the Playboy Psychonauts will play the Big Car Gallery stage at tonight's Indyfringe Festival. The stage is in the general vicinity of the Massachusetts Avenue/College Avenue intersection, and we go on around 7pm (just follow the sound of the sitar).


IMN Podcast’s Third Anniversary

It's up, folks - download it directly or listen at the site.

We should have some decently sized news about the show in the next few weeks. Not huge, not minor - just the right sort, really.


Hoffspace? Really?

Not only does David Hasslehoff decide to open his own social networking site, but he commits MySpace suicide at the same time. No word whether he's going to link it to OpenSocial or not, but we can always dream.

Somehow, I don't think there's a book in this one. Sorry, Hoff.


Fun Happy Music Gadget Stuff

SimplifyMedia has put together a little package that allows music to be streamed from a home base computer to other devices, including the iPhone and other machines. My brief tests have encountered no problems, and it's a pretty cool thought that I can access music on the handset and not have to worry about filling up the hard drive (my 60GB iPod is currently bloated and staggering under its full conditions). My only worry is the portable battery life - heavy 3G usage would no doubt shrink my listening window. But it's a handy idea for work or scooting about town.

I'm a little less enamored with BeatMaker's potential, enough that I can't see purchasing it based on reviews that claim there's latency in the pads. Devices and programs like this are made or broken on their ability to provide real-time response to a musician's playing. It was the most frustrating part of working with older sound cards and MIDI devices for me, and I've got no desire to go back to square one.

To be fair, a lot of these programs seem like a land rush for prospectors, with the reasoning that it's better to get the apps out there and the name made familiar and then work on the finer points. And it's unfair to expect high performance from a handheld device right now. Hell, ProTools is just getting around to debuting on OS X Leopard, and that's on a full-fledged computer and operating system. So it's possible these things will get better - that's why software always seems to have new releases and updates. I'm just not panning these waters yet.


Weekend Wrap-Up and Look Ahead

Aside from a hard fall whilst carrying equipment yesterday (my knees have been in a constant state of revolt since the afternoon - don't try to skip stairs with two basses and a laptop in tow), "The Wiz" and Playboy Psychonauts rehearsals concluded without incident. The 'nauts will be taking part in the Indyfringe Festival this Friday, at a stage located near the intersection of College and Massachusetts Avenues. The time right now is somewhere near 7:30, but I can't promise for sure. I CAN promise a full set with dancers. To further enhance the show, I will not dance. It'll be better all around, I promise.

The next day will be full of zombies. At least the cinematic kind. Some friends made me aware of this local film festival, and I am both thrilled at the occurrence and disappointed in my lack of awareness of said festival to begin with. Were it an actual zombie, the consequences would be too horrible to consider.