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This Weekend in Fountain Square Music

Radio Radio has Spinto Band, Tally Hall and De Novo Dahl this very evening. Also, Earl Greyhound is coming Wendesday, June 4th - not this weekend, but definitely exciting enough to mention.

Sam's Saloon features Mellow Down Easy tonight, Whitey Morgan and the 78's along with Javelinas and The Pine Box Boys Saturday, and Goes Cube, The Last Domino and The Post Script Sunday.

Deano's Vino has John Harden Pope tonight and Wilson and Company Saturday night.

This is the last weekend for Victor/Victoria at the American Cabaret Theater this Friday and Saturday night, along with a Sunday matinee - if you show up to that one, you can help me erase my notes in te score and pack up my amp. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Too Much!

Part of the wonderful challenge of putting together a tech book is that the playing field is always changing - programs update, new versions come out, etcetera.  It can be a bit difficult to manage.

Now multiply that by the five versions of Vista I have to account for my current project, and all the fun should become clear.  I'm writing using Vista Ultimate, which includes the whole shebang, and I'm trying to take into consideration all the features and such people might not see.  Joy.

Also, the new IMN podcast is up.  Download it here or listen at the site.


Well, hell . . .

So I'm picking up some CDs at a local record store (special order placed on Memorial Day took two days to arrive - these guys are geniuses) when I notice it.  Less than a few days after FezFest '08 (pictures of which can be found here, courtesy of Nuvo and Krissy Bertram), I run across "Sitar Beat! - Indian Style Heavy Funk, Vol. 1."

From 2006.

Truly, there is nothing new underneath the sun.  Serge Gainsbourg even makes a few appearances.  But as far as I can tell, no fezzes.

So that's what I'm digging on right now.  That and new stuff from Esperanza Spaulding, Santogold, King's X, and The Blacksoil Project.  And the sitar stuff?  Yeah, it's the heavy funk.  So there you go.


Washington Post on Fountain Square

My fair district gets a decent write-up in the Post, so I truly expect the massive throngs of vacationing D.C.-ers and suburban Virginians (Virginianites?) to make their way here.

No, really. I do. The Fountainview Inn is over there, and I'll help with the bags.


The Weekend, in Bulleted List Form

'Cause I love the bulleted lists:

  • Fezfest '08 was phenomenal, and I loved being able to play to venues within the space of an hour.
  • I missed having the computer with me for the Playboy Psychonauts show, but I thought I covered ably with the other effects I used.
  • I'm a wiz at hanging light fixtures.
  • At the same time, I'm the world's worst house painter.
  • I get unreasonably excited about "Law and Order" marathons on TNT.
  • It's more difficult than I suspected to find the works of King's X, Dio, and Esperanza Spaulding.
  • New Metalocalypse?  Awesome.
More about the effects - I usually use Reason on the computer to run some loops and provide bass synth patches on a couple of songs.  For "Tomorrow Never Knows," having a swirling synth patch really augments the droning of the sitar, and on "Mathar" I use a really fat synth 'cause I love really fat synth and the loop is running anyway.  I covered "TNK" with an overdrive setting on the SansAmp to really sustain the sound, and I put the Q-Tron on for "Mathar."  I don't want to do it every time, but it worked in a pinch when I didn't have enough time to set up the computer. 

Fountain Square Music This Weekend

Radio Radio features Everything, Now!, Quiet Hooves and Grampall Jookabox tonight. Freak pop fans, enjoy.

Sam's Saloon has Mouthbreather, Canadian Rifle, Maravich and Sex Before Marriage tonight. Tomorrow brings A Keen Holiday.

Deano's Vino presents Shogun Attractions tonight and the John Harden Project Saturday night. It's also Swing Dance night at the Fountain Square Theater.

And, of course, there's Victor/Victoria at the American Cabaret Theater this Friday and Saturday night. Also, FezFest'08 at the Mel is tonight!


Fezfest ’08 on the IMN Podcast!

Feel free to enjoy the goodness at IMN or download it directly.

Also, there's a Playboy Psychonauts show tomorrow evening at the Melody Inn, which means I'll be sloughing off the Victor/Victoria mindset to get right with the fez. I'm fully hoping to play two venues within the same hour. Also there will be fellow fez-sters Vinyl Shriner and The Dockers. What more would you expect from a show called Fezfest '08?

See, that's funny 'cause the year implies somebody might again let us put on a show based entirely around a hat.



The passionate devouring of liner notes is an time-honored tradition for the music fan. Hoping to glean every last bit of information from the album, they pore over any credits or notes they can find. While some include the bare minimum of information (or forego the process entirely beyond what might be legally required), others write veritable volumes (sometimes more interesting than the music itself). Some even fight for these precious glimpses of insight - witness those clamoring for an electronic copy of the liner notes for The Roots' latest album (which, by the way, tell some great stories).

What folks choose to include in the liner notes may say as much about the band as the album does, if I may offer a theory. What would you assume about a band that included the full path of their recording process (other than they had some endorsements to satisfy, perhaps)? Would it be the same assumption as a band who just tossed off song titles and publishing information? Does it matter if a band thanks four full pages of people and organizations, or just a few select entities.

Enough. The whole point of this was that I saw somebody intently focus on the liner notes for a Clay Aiken CD and found it disturbing. INTENSELY disturbing. This person also managed to offend my geek nature by still using a portable CD player, which may have amplified the horror a bit. My mind is not able to comprehend wanting to put that kind of effort into . . . that.

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From All Sides . . .

Aside from a sticky footswitch on the second preset, the new bass DI is working fine - good tone and pretty easy to use.  I'm sure the pedal is far out of warranty, so I'm wondering what I need to do to get things rolling again.  A quick opening of the case might be necessary.

I'm getting a lot of Victor Wooten from all sides these days, too.  What was once the provence of geeky bassists is now being touted by XM and PRI's Bob Edwards (who fairly gushed at every opportunity), the cover of Electronic Musician, and pretty much every "neighbor" list on eMusic.  Some songs on the new albums are fairly interesting, although I've always been more impressed by the live show over the songwriting.  And he's completed a transition from flashy sideman to almost a philosophical mentor for bassists (and other musicians).  It'll be interesting to see how all of this is received by those outside the four-stringed world.


Final Thought For The Evening . . .

New episodes of Metalocalypse are back, and I feel that all is a little bit better for it.  Just the right blend of outrageous humor and cringe-worthy brutality.  Amazing.